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A bride in five "with"

Traditional wedding couple, a pair of changing of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bridesmaid became widespread in the capital city the wedding later this year. Xinhua learned from the wedding and bridal shops, a bride has two, three bridesmaids is not uncommon, there is even a 5 bridesmaids in the extreme. This, experts say, this phenomenon makes sense of solemnity, ritual of the wedding "deviation".


 many young people chose to get together before the end of wedding, bridal shop business is so hot.


wedding: five people when the maid fun atmosphere  


surrounded by 5 bridesmaids, the bride was a doctor, was born in 1980, but not the one-child policy. Reporters interviewed her, brides are on their honeymoon. She told reporters that the 5 bridesmaids are both students and colleagues always get together, have a good relationship. In order to be at the wedding a "Hi", lets 5 colleagues as a bridesmaid. To this end, the brides spend 2000 Yuan in buying the 5 sets of lively yet elegant bridesmaid dresses for you, add a gorgeous wedding, festive atmosphere and leave a memorial to 5 friends.


a bride 5 "with" truly a beautiful landscape on the wedding. The bride told reporters that 5 bridesmaids in only a single, we get together is music and, as the wedding ceremony, there was a "maid", therefore, man is only a best man. "Maid of honor group" role is mainly reflected in jieqin "door" when "imposing".  

dresses: bridesmaid dresses a 500  


according to the capital's foremost wedding dress Studio – Zhan Mei Jia Yi fang introduced "bridesmaid" began to appear in the second half of this year, more commonly two, three bridesmaids, 5 bridesmaids nor its opening meet for the first time in 4 years. Increased bridesmaid pull the wedding market. Last year the couple at the wedding of consumption of approximately 2500, 3000 to 3500 this year and generally, the main reason is that in the selection of the Bride dresses, you also need to pick two or three bridesmaid dresses, a bridesmaid dress is about 500 Yuan to 700 Yuan. Wedding dress shop owner saw this bridesmaid dress market changes, deliberately into a group of young, lively, elegant dresses, even bought a flower girl dress for $ 500.


experts: more bridesmaid wedding "deviation"  


experts apparently does not recognize the maid just to "music and" this idea, in their view, hidden behind the phenomenon is new human vanity and show off. Legal and psychological counselling service for young people in Beijing said Mr Zong chunshan, Director of the Center, called numbers, Maid of honor more and more, with the team more and more truth, all is vanity in order to meet new people, took the opportunity to show off their popular, well-connected.


Zong chunshan, believes that many bridesmaids will weaken marriage ceremonies, wedding becomes a grand but not solemn, more like a big party and distract people's attention to the wedding itself, such as mutual respect, commitment, wedding ceremony was "going sideways".  

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