Wedding etiquette

Universal fun wedding

Different countries have different wedding customs, said China's traditional customs, what people will think about "three-six man" "three times nine" fan etiquette. But when it comes to exotic marriage culture, people other than the wedding, Church, pastors, would not have too much of an impression, in fact, because of the diversity of ethnic, cultural, and wedding customs around the world are showing a very different, and it was these gorgeous, colorful wedding used to constitute a marriage life in a beautiful landscape.   Germany--Germans are crazy

different from the Germans have been advocating reason and calm, more of their wedding presents wild side. German people in a Wedding Party (parties), line up, new people will be fooled, which is similar to China's "invasion", one of the programmes is gleefully plate pieces. To the date of the wedding, the couple will sit in a carriage from heimala came to the Church. The wedding place, with red ribbons and garlands with exports, groom with money or promises to party for Exchange, new talent through exports, Germany's traditional wedding is called "Ropingthecouple". In addition, at the wedding feast, prepared with crushed almond candy, mixed with spices and beer was the main food hospitality.

France--France white marriage

White is romantic France main colors of the wedding, whether it be arranged flowers, also the bride's dress, and even the layout of all decorations, is white, you can see that marriage should be pure in the eyes of the French. Weddings, the bride will be ready to be known as "weddingarmosre" dowry of the Cabinet, cabinets carved with patterns of fine handmade, a symbol of health and prosperity, and "magazine of hope" reputation. New cups also have specific names, called "Coupdemarriage", meaning "wedding Bowl".

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