Wedding etiquette

Aquarium wedding customs

In ancient legends in the Aquarium, there are ancient songs of the origin of man made an exception and the siblings marry, and the song of intermarriage reflects aquatic ancestors of promiscuity in the period of primitive society. Aquarium over a long period of strict "cousins not to marry", "surname marriage" System. Under difficult conditions, and the influence of other cultures, and people generally have broken last name marry legend.  


Aquarium of the existing institution of marriage is monogamy. Mothers-in-law to cousins, "turn pro" is history.


after 1949, freedom of marriage, self dominates wedding has many young men and women. They use period, holidays, end or d song activities, and opportunities for relatives, I love you to each other, and love. Song activities are actually mate medium for transmitting information between men and women, elderly and family and avoid agree on this. Find sweethearts began to more subtle, often are the party away from the woman's brother and parents, through a series of contacts and understanding, both men and women to meet separate dialog. The two sides even agreed to marry must also be through the media about ways their parents marriage, otherwise it will be regarded as sincerely and was held in contempt and condemnation.


due to the feudal system and the influence of commodity economy, and arranged marriage also appeared earlier, in "their parents, and matchmaker," under the pretext, pay attention to "tying", "the marriage of the property", and status of each other's economic conditions, farm, cattle, household income, and so on. The so-called "bamboo doors on bamboo doors, door to door." Men select women will be weaving and spinning, dyeing and embroidery, wine or home bases, etc. Arranged marriage also are subject to independent marriage, otherwise we will be robbed, the runaway phenomenon of marriage. Cool in woman's own social solution.


Aquarium allows divorce, very unique, especially the treatment of family assets, a fixed tradition. Customary law stipulates: "men and not women, fined five buffaloes; women and not men, fined three head of cattle" in the case of witnesses, in addition to personal clothing and property equally between them, children raised by both parties.


Aquarium allows remarriage of widows remarrying. General mourning remarried a year later. But cannot be passed on to the House of the zuxiongdi, are not allowed to marry the village people, married as well. Remarriage can only take away her belongings, Kazuo has no right to take away her husband's property, inherited by the children's uncle or children. New husband over to her ex-husband a sum "widows marry". After she remarried not before returning to the village, her husband's family. Some aquarium in rongjiang County, flat wing, and "brother brother to marry" and "brother brother" by go system.


Aquarium had a child bride and marrying in marriage, but in their own marriage, dominated by this decline. Aquarium contempt for wedlock, along with social progress, will begin to equal treatment.

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