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The pursuit of fresh, exciting young, best personality, thinking, personality, lifestyle, and even the wedding to pursue individuality! Didn't want to have my wedding behind popular, it would be for you to refer to our wedding planning some of the most popular personality!  


grass green to witness the wedding of true love


green grass, flowers and green leaves made of arches circling the main venue, neat long tables covered with flowers and food, this wedding ceremony usually takes the form of buffet. Earth, sky, Sun, green grass to the romantic wedding blessings. Lying in the embrace of green grass and enjoy the breath of nature.


for the crowd: young people who love nature, full of energy.


Tips: hold the wedding, prior to the lawn after mowing, pest control, and so on, should be prepared to insect bites and drug.


church weddings are forever divine


kind, solemn priest as you preside over this divine wedding ... ... Church wedding to become lifelong Covenant of marriage, you have to let it out to stick to a lifetime of oaths, wear the knot wedding rings.


suitable for: suitable for Catholic and Christian and worship the sacred ceremony of the couple.


Tips: try to avoid the Sunday morning Christian worship time. Basic common sense to study religion in advance, so that should not have happened.

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