Wedding etiquette

India wedding kissing is an offence

A few days before the wedding, the priest to be reciting prayers to the bride's home, bless the wedding can be held smoothly. Night before the wedding, the bride's parents held a small ceremony to welcome the groom's family and relatives. Typically, the mother of the bride gifts to she. But this time is the bride and groom are not allowed to meet, because it will bring misfortune to their marriage.  


wedding attire


Although India around the wedding dress styles and colors each have different requirements, but most of the time, brides are wearing red and white wedding dress Phnom Penh. Because white symbolizes purity, and Red symbolizes prosperity and thriving. Bride to wear lots of gold jewellery and jewellery. Groom dressed in white blouses and shirt is a loose set of Phnom Penh, under clothing to wear loose pants and apron-style sarong. In India North, groom also wore elaborate turbans and a bunch of flowers, groom's face almost hidden from view, but in India the southern, the groom is not wearing any decorations on the head. Hung on the neck of the bride with rose flower wreath large and calendula, down to her knees.

wedding ceremony


generally consists of four wedding pole tents (mandap) held. Grooms escorted by his uncle to the wedding tent. The bridegroom is accompanied by the best man and a young girl, the girl's task is constantly shaking a coin metal pot to keep a good mental state and groom. The whole wedding consists of three parts: the first part is the foot washing (kanyadaan), the bride's parents with milk and water to wash feet for the couple, wish to begin their new lives. The second part is in hand (hastamelap), in the right hand of the bride to the groom's right hand, the priest finished reading the Bible and wound 24 laps on the groom and the bride's shoulder cloth, a symbol of their Union. Then, in tents, Central lighting a small flame, the bride's brother or cousin, cousin to lead the bride and groom around the flame several times (as far as specific how many times, in different regions have their own). In addition, the bride and groom must be holding rice, oats, leaf, a symbol of wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Finally, brothers of the groom to the rookie throwing rose petals to ward off evil. After the ceremony, bride feeding groom full five India sweets to eat, note taking care of her husband and to the obligation of the family cooking was her. And also feeds the bride and groom candy description husband duty to support his wife and family. Relatives of both parties give newcomers a red dot on the forehead, and they throw rice, wishing them a long and happy life.




wedding is an important activity. After the party, began the climax of the wedding, because that's when everyone began to leave, and the bride should take the opportunity to cry, which is full of wedding joy and shy and there is no lack of attachment to the home and reluctantly, since the bride will start their lives together with her husband.


but there is little to remind plans to marry India brothers MM China, India's wedding "kissing" is illegal under India law, religious shrines is a vulgar Act of kissing, is subject to indecency and fined RS. 1000. India is a very conservative country, acts of indecency laws punished quite severely, kissing in public is to be condemned.


do you remember? Passionate lovers, India Tourism, love also to control yourself in love, or because kissing was convicted of indecent assault, and fined not worth it.


India customs, are they indicating ' yes ' meaning, if a Chinese guy to beautiful India girls love when sees India MM don't heart shook his head, because it is said she likes you, too!


very interesting, learn a little bit more exotic customs of the country, let us know more about this world, more love in this world.

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