Wedding etiquette

Bride class: traditional Chinese wedding important taboo

Traditional Chinese wedding stress

1.  flowers are easy to wither, so marriage taboo, only even flowers and pomegranates can not help. As the former red petals open leaves cordate, which means leap female married, her husband, who declares the children and grandchildren.

2.  bride clothing taboos have pockets, so as not to take away her fortune.

3.  bed back to married Eve, groom avoid new bed to sleep alone, trying to find a teenage boy, and the groom in sleeping on the bed. Otherwise called ' sleepy empty shop, immortal Wang, death ″ considered a bad omen.

4. the day of the wedding,  bride,  when women are going out to avoid,  can't send .  as "Gu" and "solitary" sounds like,  "wife" and "sweep" sounds like,  were unlucky.   Bride when you leave home to   more you cry, the sooner the better (picture bride)  

5.  date of the marriage, the bride when they leave home, we have to be more crying, the sooner the better, "cry cry, don't cry," do not cry but taboo.

6.  married on 3rd, new door shall be back before sunset on the same day her husband, could not stay overnight. If you have a specific reason not to go home, separated from husband and wife to sleep to avoid blood in the honeymoon the bride, ramming the MOM family make her bad luck.

7.  married way, sedan and sedan meet, called the "joyous", lead to ominous. Solution is therefore required each setting off firecrackers or go-between to prepare flower Exchange on both sides, this is called-for flowers.

8. pregnant women and persons who are mourning are not to see new people or going out the door, not to touch new clothing and new houses for all items.  

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