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Superstition "widow year" lovers at the Flash

Next year is a widow year, cannot marry; if you want to get married quickly do this year ... ... Speculation spread that 2010 is a "widow year". Therefore, Ordos city, many couples rushed to get married at the end, behind the hasty marriage raises a lot of questions.


wedding invitations all over   "widow year" led Flash


Wang, dongsheng district, Ordos city, live, are profoundly, always received invitations recently invited him to attend a friend's wedding, every time I go to are with ritual, were run out of one month's salary. He wondered: "How is this? How in this time married? "Then he heard friends say that, next year is a" widow year ", everyone wants to get marry years ago. Is a "widow year" was spawned local youth more widespread phenomenon occur frequently.


Xiao Tian and Chen hometown in chifeng, dongsheng district, Ordos city, came to work after graduating from University. Two people going to "51" or "11" long married, but called home a while ago, they went back to get married. "She said next year will be the ' widow year ', you cannot marry, can only get married at the end of this year. This kind of thing would rather believe them, not free. "Xiao Tian said helplessly. Therefore, they brought the wedding forward, scheduled in 2009 – the last day of December 31.


on December 21, dongsheng district marriage registry staff told a press conference: "this year, in November and December were registered as married couple already has more than 500 pairs of, but also a man after selecting the banquet registration formalities. "Familiar with local customs, told reporters:" there are many people here to register marriages were first feast, the custom ... ... "such projections at the end of married couples more than 500 pairs.


more people to marry, the hotel business is good. Dongsheng district sunac Na Ren, Director of the Grand Hotel, hotel during the trial now, but in December the wedding banquet reservation has been very popular, there are already 25 couples booked catering. "It's time to run our hotel wedding special, and every day there are a few pairs of children. "Journalists also visited many hotels find, new book wedding scene is also quite hot. A waiter told reporters: "in previous years, there are also many people would choose at the end of their marriage, but not so much this year. ”

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