Wedding etiquette

Chinese and Western wedding in different

1. With: at Western weddings, the bride upon admission, there will be a "loud accompaniment".

      case: in the United States, people will put a song in China, they will point in the yard firecracker, Firecracker sound was deafening, it was said, so do the spirits of evil.

2. With: the bride wore a white wedding dress. I think this should be a new trend in China, because of their traditional colour is red.

      case: Western bride generally wore a white wedding dress bride seems to want to change as soon as possible, China that white dress! Generally speaking, the white wedding dress will stay in them for 20 minutes before, leaving a few hours after the party, they will be wearing a red dress.

3. With: bride and groom sat on a float.

different floats are usually shiny shiny in the West, and tie some balloons; China float have always been very interested in Roses.

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