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Japan part of the bride to begin to resist arranged marriages

The times reported on June 22, according to the Japan marriage Agency data show, as Japan arranged marriages increased significantly in recent years, a growing number of Japan who marry against the pregnancy for women. Since 2009, nearly one-third of the bride is pregnant.  

now, the pregnant bride has become the new trend. Japan one wedding planner Gao Bohui America believes that this trend will become even more obvious. She said, "about 5 years ago, began to rapidly increase in unwed pregnant or have children. In 2008 we arranged a wedding one-fourth bride was pregnant. When people get married, the bride is eight months pregnant. Couples sometimes feel very embarrassed. We strive to be the trouble off wedding, make life easier for expectant mothers ".

Japan Hua Depei wedding co spokesman said, in the southern island of Okinawa, a shift in people's attitudes towards pregnant brides equally. The past, pregnant women are forced to omit most of the wedding the bride, select only the pictures. But now, 30% of the bride is pregnant, they opt for the complete wedding. Pregnancy is no longer a bridal taboo, with arranged marriages are increasing, more and more women are pregnant before marriage to pursue their happiness. In Japan, Tokyo, several marriage agencies providing wedding services specifically designed for pregnant women, they called it the "mother".

Japan pregnant bride of increase reflects the Japanese people's attitudes are changing, pregnant bride wedding historical taboos are being abandoned. In 2004, Japan couple married about 6 months after having a baby. In addition, 28 years Japan population statistics show that Japan number of children under 15 years of age fell to a lower level. More Japan women choose not to have children, pregnant women and offspring are born is Japan family a very happy thing.

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