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Hard to take

in war till Bosnia, gentle marriage proposal and a sharp contrast to the years of war. Young men go for a girl to take the initiative to girls home to marry him, and provided for the hospitality. However, if you see this as your proposal was adopted, one big mistake and wrong. No matter how much wine is put on the dinner table is not real information, but the key is after dinner coffee. After dinner, the girls would personally give you a cup of coffee. At this time, you under the SIP bitter coffee, you will feel the same as left, because it means the girl refuse your proposal if you SIP coffee and sugar under, you will be able to decorate a new House. Girl's State of mind was good. If she agrees with your proposal, a cup of sweet coffee with a great sense of humor; if she does not agree, taking into account young people face, because no one wants to hear someone say "no". In addition, bitter coffee also helps guys to cheer up again.

display cards

Germany's parents probably was afraid his daughter "sent out". Daughter of the "get married" of age, they will make some beautiful cards imprinted with the daughter of a resume, of course the most important appearance, height, age, talent, personality, and more favorable and the man's basic conditions. These cards are being distributed to their friends and trusted people. These people are likely to recommend his own son, may also be looking for. However, they are on the card you want to specifically set aside places to fill out to apply for "capital". This method is superior to the matchmaker and dating much more targeted than newspapers and television.


Indonesia's mabuerren has a unique marriage proposal. Marble marital autonomy of young men and women can be said to be complete. When girls fall for a young man, then she will choose one night to flee home, ran to the sweetheart's House to live. Three days later, young men routinely go to the girl to marry him, but he is sure to be "played". Marble people hardly have any "honeymoon", because a month after marriage was the couple's "trial marriage". In that month, if satisfied, may grow old; if it is not satisfied, the woman needs to refund the deposit, and receive the deposit fine of three times, the two sides fell through. The marriage custom, for women, is the greatest of misfortunes.

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