Wedding etiquette

African bride is beautiful Seppuku tempted husband

In Africa on a Grand wedding, brides often have to accept the baptism a non-with the exception of beauty and the bridegroom walked hand in hand into the marriage of the sacred Palace. Some cosmetic surgery seems to be incredible but it spread so far, widely loved and worshipped by the natives.


Carlo is located in the hinterland of Ethiopia is a very small nation, also very poor in material wealth. Carol women in order to find a good home, in her body up and down a big bet. They enter adolescence, often have to put up with pain in front and do some abdominal surgery-blade cutting several openings on the skin, and then a large number of bamboo sticks into the wound, and they show a certain pattern. In this way, after the wound is healed, after elaborate patterns remain in their chest and belly, Carlo said that when you do so, has great allure for men.

body beauty

Swahili tribe living in Kenya of Rameau. Swahili often filled with red tape during the wedding rituals, for which seems to be shackled to a wash before marriage, many of these projects is to make brides beautiful, sexy. Brides get married a few days before, her body must undergo a series of treatment before marriage. First of all, apart from the hair, neck body parts body hair has been clean-shaven, and then smeared after the bride's body after the massage oil from sandalwood perfume; limbs of the bride in henna dip into the juice, followed by female relatives to her body drawing pattern.

married that day, one called "cable-mo" (an essential role in the wedding) old woman responsible to teach the bride "beauty way", and the ways to make a man happy. On their wedding night, Ying Mo also tend to hide in the bride and groom under the marital bed, so new at the beds when you encounter any problems, help them to successfully complete the first of married life.

fragrance and beauty

SIM BA girl living in Namibia in front of the Virgin, with red ochre, milk fat synthesis of spices, herbs and resins, and hand-painting them on myself. Their bright colours, in which the Red especially prominent, symbolizes the bride after the wedding has a strong vitality and fertility. At the wedding, the bride wore a new dress, top filled with scented water and orange juice.

after to the husband's House, the bride in the family practice, to make the bride's family in the arms, breasts and painted on the belly from the groom's family cows for milk fats. This ceremony is the bride into the bridal chamber prior to the continuation of the beautiful people, symbolize the groom's family also has been fully accepted by someone who was "stolen" to the bride.

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