Wedding etiquette

Wedding wedding games encyclopedia

1. High five – tests complement new rapport, find the Red rope, new mouth and carry it, tie a lit cigarette in the Middle, in table 5 with vertical matches (can be inserted on the fruit) and then new people can't use your hands to help, the two collaborated to ignite all of 5 matches.   Tip: must be tight rope eye sight.  

2. Loving Cup-take 2 cups, pour a cup full of wine, in which the mouth covered with plastic wrap, 2 buckles on the mouth of the Cup is then slowly pulled out film, required newcomers cannot start finish buckle together with two glasses of wine, not spilled.   Tip: whenever one of the glass slightly in a new push, another person can just have a drink.

3. Lips treasure--the groom lying on the 4 chairs, brothers in the next round, groom 8-10 who put small objects, can be a little candy, beef jerky, the bride blindfolded turn around and no hands to use "lips" groom widget collection and then remove the eye-one a feed and groom eat.   Tip: can say to the bride and groom, directed her to the left or right.

4. Tannangquwu-the two raw eggs by the groom two pant leg into, moving up and the two eggs in the "important" rendezvous and then were moved by another leg up.

5. Sweet Exchange-ready for all 6 colors of candy mixed in with a total of 12 split between the bride and groom included in the mouth, and then asked not to help bride and groom respectively in the mouth the final rendering of the same color toffee (such as groom's mouth is full of Red candy, and bride's mouth is full of Milky toffee)  

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