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Sudan where wedding bride

Sudan on the Red Sea in the West Bank, is one of Africa's largest country, is one of the hottest. Friend's daughter, Xuan, graduated two years ago, assigned in a large business unit, her unit is responsible for international project Department, work location in Sudan's capital, Khartoum. I heard her return from Sudan, I took my curiosity about the Sudan, went to her home.

Xuan, I know a lot about customs of the Sudan, for example, is an eagle, fly most of Khartoum, is the least seen people riding bikes on the road, because almost no bicycle lane in the Sudan. And Sudan have a PEAR, fish and eat the smell of incense.

as a woman, I am curious to ask Xuan, Sudan women wear? She tells me, Sudan women used to wear cloth wrapped into skirts, all wrapped up in the daytime, masked naked and take off those clothes only at night at home, free to wear. So women are so dressed up is due to religious beliefs.

I am most interested in is the Sultan's wedding. Weddings are a lot of places in the Sudan are different from our wedding. First of all say that our wedding was held during the day and in the morning, jieqin are exquisite, the earlier, the better. Contrary to Sudanese wedding time and exactly what we are in the starry night.

Xuan told me curiously, her wedding in the Sudan, should have failed to see the bride, it's weird. They fail to see the bride, groom and looked around to find the time, only the groom, the wedding began.

did not know until later, bride and groom meet separately the next day another place. On our wedding day, the groom and bride are to pair off on on hold each other at the wedding, it was different.

our wedding is indoors, usually in a hotel and the Hall. Sultan's wedding is outside in the square. Square canvas surrounded by a large area, with colors such as red, yellow neon strings together, decorate the whole building, as if the night under the stars shine.

Sudanese wedding there is a difference, the wedding of men and women are seated separately, and not to interfere with each other. Our wedding was the family together, or with their friends and family, just a courtesy greeting the person is not familiar with, then in place.  

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