Wedding etiquette

Scottish Celtic special customs

Scotland has a unique marriage custom culture of the Celts. At the wedding, the bride and groom respectively, were torn off their Plaid, and then tied together to symbolize the two families United in May, or by marriage is unlucky during the waning of the moon.  

town will be performed every day "anvil wedding"

more common customs of the Celts was that wedding bride and groom to wear their clan Tartan, groom to wear fur bags and double edged dagger. Bride grommets inserted in a bunch of Heather, lucky. Pipers playing melodious bagpipe music to welcome the guests, then the Piper invite the bride and her father to her wedding ceremony. On the Ceilidh in the evening, people can party until playing the Wedding March, before everything came to an end.

anvil priests

Gretna Green, thriving marriage registration services drive the commercial activities in the town, residents are provided to married couples hotel, restaurant and carriage services. Was the most famous marriage Registrar was an old blacksmith in the town. Blacksmith and preachers are in fact professional, but its work is different in essence. Blacksmith want to burning two pieces of iron, placed on the anvil beat together, while the priest is set into a two family. So, old blacksmith's anvil as the altar of the Church for the couple Wed and become excellent creativity. Since then, the "anvil wedding" made a pair of newlyweds. People said the old blacksmith is "anvil priests", and the stakes become "lucky anvil." Until his retirement in 1962, the "anvil priests" hosted a total of 5147 couples wedding.

get married every day

now the time has changed, but Gretna Green wedding customs are still preserved. Every year, more than 4,000 pairs of lovers from all over the world come to Gretna Green marriage, dominate the Scottish marriage 13%, of course, most married people is no longer eloping. In addition, there are more than 700,000 visitors a year to this original "Gretna Green wedding".   Therefore, haunting and moving every day in the small town of bagpipes, wish all lovers get married!

Gretna Green wedding

town of Gretna Green, Scotland, is a very small place, but it's because of the unique wedding services in Scotland and the world fame.

Hotel registry

Gretna Green marriage registrations in the United Kingdom is famous. Initially, it was just a small hotel on the border between Scotland and England. Surprising is that from the mid 18th century, many fight for marriage United Kingdom men and women to this registration. One of the oldest surviving marriage certificate is awarded in 1772. Why get so famous Gretna Green? First of all from the United Kingdom said the marriage law. When legal requirements in England under 21 years of age, marriage without parental consent is considered illegal. In Scotland is much more simple, couples need only an oath in front of a witness, whose marriage is established. So, many sincerely love each other but cannot get lovers of family identity will have defected to the North. Before settling in Gretna Green was the first arrived in Scotland. Over time, here is the "runaway" and "wedding paradise."

love home

to seek love in Gretna Green Home lovers left many legends, some episodes have also been writing literary works. Jane. Austen's classic pride and prejudice, the youngest daughter Lydia, who unbeknownst to parents scheme with her married lover in the army defected to the small town. Even today, Gretna Green from time to become the object of attention, there have been rumors that Prince Charles wants to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles to Gretna Green registration.

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