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Marriage: Hakka people with wine banquet guests and friends

In Hakka Hakka mother liquor also known as wine, rice wine, reportedly has a history of 5,000 years, and South of the glutinous rice wine similar to, but with completely different and unique heritage. Hakka mother wine has a creamy, thick stick with chopsticks, you can pull the wire, a drink, delicious and aromatic, straight through the heart. Recorded by the young King Lam: "it tastes sweet Bel, color Wen Chi, drinking source for the Nimbus of heaven and Earth, God of Meridian veins, You Shi fitness beauty benefits. "Mother liquor is the widespread practice of Hakka drinking, to festivals, Hakka people would prefer to take the mother liquor to banquet guests.  


mother liquor steaming is about "taste" and "taste." Mother liquor the main ingredient glutinous rice in husked Brown rice as the best water use water; wine wine pie to Jiangxi, Fujian Nanjing soil on the pie for even clean the wine jars, Wicker or detergent, but with Hakka area can be seen everywhere, "surprise" to clean. It is not a complicated process. Annual fall/winter season, Hakka housewife will first wine cylinder, and wicker, and big pot, steam wine apparatus with "cloth surprised leaves" bubble wash clean, put glutinous rice stew cooked, cool through, then put "wine cake" (song drug) Institute broken adjustable cold water uniform sub in glutinous rice rice Shang mix uniform, pour wine cylinder in fermentation, stamped and insulation three days, daily joined amount of ancient wells, that see wine well in the infiltration has brandied. Hakka mother liquor is the last operation will be filtered out of the rice wine lees, stuffed into a small jar and added red yeast rice, turf good buried fire anhuo fire hot for hours. This way, not only can make the wine more mellow sweet fragrance and can be retained for longer periods. Ladle the wine in an aluminum pot against the water boiled off, the popular term "water" also.

Hakka wine more hospitable, Cliff people used pewter hip flask for wine, a pot of about three pounds, the average person can only drink half a kilo, this wine is mellow, refreshing, drink a certain amount, exhilarated slightly, his face shining, treads like a warm bath, warm, hot spring. Walking on air there is an indescribable comfort.  


Hakka area in North Guangdong Hakka families are almost always well versed in brewing glutinous rice fermented into "Hakka mother liquor", thus village families and ultimately, Wicker, wine jars, after Sun in court yard. Festivals, women in their stove and guest house in the yard mother liquor. Farmers often say: "wine making tofu, no one dared say master. "Even if the wine master nor the effect that for decades. Women also like take out the craft, whose wines do acid, be subjected to jokes. Before "the Hakka mother liquor" when you are sitting out as Hakka women's tonic, "Hakka mother liquor" stewed chicken, Hakka people prostitute the child alcohol. When the child was born three days later, friends and family to drink "three wine", the full moon drink "full moon wine" one drink "age of wine", adult married before the car to drink "warm car wine" drink wedding "wedding wine", old birthday drink "birthday." During this time, women and children of all ages could not resist a few drinks.


Hakka people in addition to drink outside the mother liquor and give it as a gift. Mother liquor is the woman give the man in wedding gifts, women made their mother liquor and other gifts sent by pole, known as the "wine take." If the Hakka have children, the husband's family to prepare a pot of mother liquor, one cock, one cluster of firecrackers, rushed to the woman's family news.


now Hakka mother liquor has not only become a Hakka Chinese New Year festive day must-have drinks on the table, more friends and family as a gift.

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