Open bus bride and groom are the bus driver

"A bus full of balls, the groom drove, the bride sat behind him, cars filled with people, many people in the crowd! "Yesterday afternoon, people Mr stone on their way to this reporter on the phone about his" Bride Groom drove a bus "scene, insisting that both environmental protection and conservation is also a novelty in this way romantic.

taxi driver stone Mr said, yesterday 10:30 Xu, he drive driving to Youyi road Shang Shi, head-on and to of a car 92 road bus caused he of note: body loaded full has spent, dressed in suit, and Department with tie, and chest Qian wearing with red spent of groom open with car, groom next sat with wearing wedding of bride child, car in sat full has people, passers-by also have stop appreciate this road singular of landscape, everyone have praised, with bus married bride child, environmental, and save and novelty.

contacted 92 bus captain Liu Yanlin, Liu Yanlin said that do wedding car bus is the team of the day, bride and groom Zhao Qingdong Ren Lina were 92 road convoy drivers. In January, when Zhao Qingdong and the team discuss the forms of marriage, that they want to save, environmental protection, Liu Yanlin made, then fleet Zhao Qingdong normally open bus provided free of charge to them as car, bus to marry the bride. Zhao Qingdong and Ren Lina immediately agreed.

groom Zhao Qingdong, told reporters that he and lover, very meaningful to them in buses to do wedding car because the bus driver, with buses very deep feelings. Both parents are particularly in favour of the couple's decision. Yesterday at 8 o'clock, after after the morning rush hour, Zhao Qingdong used cars own the bus dressed a lot, and got the wedding company decorated with flowers, 9:30 A.M. day, Zhao Qingdong and the procession set off from guxiang Street home, bride to daowai district, along the way, attracted a lot of people watching and taking pictures.

said Zhao Qingdong, a lot of team mate said, and by the time they got married also with bus bride, fashion and environmental protection.

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