Winter wedding photography book unexpected "low season hot"

In winter, for the wedding photography industry, should enter the absolute low season, some Wedding Photo Studio should have been in a State of half rest. But this year and in previous years, winter wedding photography book actually had a small orgasm, some had received 500 couples wedding photography studio wedding photography book. It is understood that this May or June of this year long fog and wet weather caused "hangover".


interview with head of a wedding photography studio in Wen Xin told reporters, so far, into her shop book a winter wedding photos of the couple had reached 500, this is much better than in previous years, have risen more than 1 time. "I communicated with these booking winter, new people, many are this year's foggy and rainy day to scare. Special weather this year, causing a lot of photos of the couple to take a push and push, many book 51 wedding photos, protected from the weather, has been postponed to September or 11 before and after shot. In addition, even if 9 and October weather, a large backlog of wedding photo shoot is the phenomenon of congestion and crowding together. "Wen Xin said," so next year for their wedding photos to the new people, are afraid of the influence of weather factors, so simply book a winter wedding photos, so that 51 does not delay anything for before and after the wedding next year. ”


in an interview with reporter learned that many photographers charge and feel the same this year photo shoot appeared "low season hot" strange phenomena. When it comes to causes, in addition to continuous rainy weather this year's "legacy", but there is an important reason, that is now ready for their wedding photos new more pragmatic, value price. It is understood that winter wedding photos, and prices are much cheaper, the same set of generally cheaper than filming season almost 2000 Yuan. Season a 3999, winter, likely fell to 1999. The great advantage of this price, is attracting a lot of new people in winter, a large reason for their wedding photos. In addition, staff would stop a wedding photo studio, told reporters: "winter wedding photos, when the sea, the color of the sea and the sky color is more blue than before and after the may day looks better. ”

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