Wedding dress business opportunities on the bride

As a brand of Shanghai International wedding photographic equipment exhibition exhibition company according to market direction post, has had a year to show adjustments for two exhibitions a year, despite the multiplication of exhibition area, but still cannot meet the needs of exhibitors. Relevant statistics show, every year there are 5.2 million new people into the Wedding Hall, in Shanghai alone, 100,000 couples get married each year, wedding spending hundreds of millions of Yuan.


in "bride," who explore unlimited business opportunities


Shanghai Deputy General Manager Liu Yongge material wedding dress for such an assumption: If in the future the vast majority of young women going to like any other metropolis of Shanghai as young women, started buying wedding rather than rental wedding, then, in every wedding 500-1000 terms, together with related industries such as jewelry, it will form an annual billion domestic market.


in fact, this is not just a hypothetical. With the improvement of people's living standard and consumer attitudes changed, more and more brides in Shanghai has been formed "to buy their own set, lifetime has wedding" this idea. For wedding businesses, "want the bride to wear new, tailored, fitted, has a reserved value wedding dress" is most looking forward to seeing the results of them. It is revealed that as ordinary clothing sale wedding dresses and rental wedding caused by old and new resources compared to slower turnover, profit growth in both absolute volume and speed, is a "big difference".


it was reported that since the present wedding dresses, gowns, evening-gown target market is still located in the Studio and wedding dress store, wedding products in the domestic market is still dominated by middle and low. Shop wedding dresses, gowns is about dramatic results, size scalability is too free, and dress is exquisite style of wedding gown rental shop uses more than work and skills. Meanwhile, because a wedding is often repeated use, health is a sensitive and difficult issue.


have suggested, in the development of urban industry at the same time, Shanghai can be the advantage of relying on the textile industry, aiming at the wedding industry with high added value, building the nation and the world set a wedding dress design, production, sales as one of the industrial centers. Liu Yongge, said: "once the wedding into the consumer market, consumers will be more elegant wedding dress fabrics, quality of workmanship, brands and, needless to say, the current producers cannot meet the demand at that time, and new fashion wedding dress also needs more talented designers and excellent mechanics, investor comes in unlimited. People, especially the transformation of new ideas, led will be the development of the entire wedding industry, which includes wedding production, design, sales, agents and so on each link of the Renaissance. ”


wedding photographic equipment exhibition held recently, there have been many international wedding Group invested hundreds of thousands of elaborate booths featuring hundreds of wedding dress phenomenon, it is learnt that their aim is to train new people to come to inquiry about "buy a wedding dress of their own" concept.

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