First test run vertical type B2C wedding Mall today

On November 18, the first vertical type B2C wedding Mall "La marriage ( )" formally launched the trial operation, the line was after a month of beta, and will fill the blank with no professional wedding one-stop shopping platform.


married la CEO Zhou Shan revealed that this trial operation for Hefei region users only, using different means of promotion orders, optimize business processes and supply chain capability, laying the Foundation for the official opening of the national.


Meanwhile, Zhou Shan also described to reporters, wedding shop wedding supplies, wedding dresses, honeymoon wedding photography, wedding services, diamond hotel reservation, consists of eight platforms, but wedding industry chain is too long, today just married products platform, other platforms will be launched within a year or two. It is understood that marriage to build the first phase of the Mall has invested 20 million Yuan, total expected investment of about 200 million, follow-up funding through strategic financing commissioned in phases.


according to Liang Changhai, Chairman of la Mall introduces marriage, online sales of wedding products and services surrounding business size is small in General, throughout the wedding process of the one-stop e-commerce platform is not, no such platform has several reasons:


, wedding in China do not know much about the Internet, and the Internet in China is on the wedding industry is very strange; second, the wedding industry in the chain except for some tangible products, more service products, could not be measured by standard three wedding consumer culture characteristics and wedding process chain is too long, various category, it's difficult to site specific orientation.


according to above problem, married's 's developed out has himself of development direction: one or eight big platform one by one launched, do basic mature a again Shang another, ningquewulan; II, and tangible products do first meet Hou innovation, that is first procurement quality of products meet user needs, then according to sales products situation do analysis, again go independent innovation, and development new led consumption trend; three, and intangible products (wedding, and wedding photography, service class) to break information not symmetric, again to service developed basic service specification process, Increase reputation evaluation system so that brides do clearly the consumer.


for this times married's 's Mall of online, reporter interview has is preparatory wedding of public yellow Miss, she said on married's 's website prospects bullish, "online integrated Mall has height prosperity of today, such on consumption groups fine of classification of network purchased platform has is big of development potential", while she also said, "married is life in the most happiness moments, and preparatory wedding of process does let we is troubles, usually work busy, also no too more time shopping different of sellers, also to price than service, If there is a one-stop trusted platform can handle throughout the wedding process, I think I'll be her user. "  

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