Wedding photography photos poster on the infringement complained against a judgment

Mr Tsui and Lee stumbled upon his dozens of wedding vendors, outdoor posters and Web page, portrait right infringement was for a video art limited and its wedding photography Center to court. Recently, the Beijing Fuxing Road Haidian District Court court settlement concluded the case.


Mr Cui, Li says, in July 2008, delegate shadows of them working in Hebei bashang grassland to take photos over more than 400 as a wedding souvenir. In October 2010, the friends stumbled upon the two defendants at Wukesong, Haidian District photographic city posted large posters use their 10 photographs wedding photography, two others found two defendants on the company's Web site also has 33 photos of themselves as advertisements, and blatantly advertising such wedding photographs are the property of their company designed shooting.


Mr Cui, Li argued that such acts seriously violated the right of the two defendants, ordered the two defendants stop the infringement of portrait and an apology, spirit and pay damages of 30,000 yuan, photo fee 43,000 yuan, and confiscated two of the defendant's proceeds of infringement.


image art and its wedding photography Centre, Mr Choi, Lee provided the evidence is not sufficient to prove that the company violated the portrait and wedding photography Centre. Last October, has not carried out any promotional activities of the company, nor in Wukesong photography post any advertisements. In photos displayed the company's existing Web site, also did not see the photos of the two plaintiffs. The company appointed Beijing Nordisk Technology Ltd-building a Web site, but because of design problems and facilitate problem has not yet been delivered, and its management company cannot control the background, have abolished this site, visitors are generally unable to open and browse, this repeal is available on the Web site has photos of the plaintiff company is unclear. Referred to the plaintiff was not true, requests the Court to dismiss the lawsuit.


during the trial, the contractor judges reviewed all the evidence submitted by the parties, in ascertaining the facts of the case under dispute mediation patience, finally bringing the two sides to reach a settlement agreement, owned wedding photography by image art limited and central compensation in court Mr Cui, Li woman 10,000 yuan.

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