New marriage age Twitter broadcast theme wedding

Now, Twitter has penetrated into all aspects of life, including the most important ceremony-the wedding. By the new culture newspaper Jilin television channel, new cultural network work together to jointly build a wedding culture section of the new age of marriage, and SINA micro-blog a few days ago launched a cooperation to build up a "micro-TV wedding."


wedding, guests at the wedding himself felt, cameras filmed the moment, published by way of Twitter on the big screens at the site, users can also failed to come to the scene via live Twitter, close feel hot atmosphere of the wedding. Lead is no longer just a couple of the wedding, relatives, friends, and co-workers went on stage, sending blessings, performances, participation in the games, so that all the guests present included together with new feelings of happiness.


couple involved in this episode is TV people, Liang Xiaoyu and groom, bride Xu Chang want to the wedding party. Couple one is a television Director of Jilin province, Changchun, one TV cameraman, from two TV anchors and reporters who have come to the wedding, makes the atmosphere high to extreme.


after the wedding guest Tweet said: it was a wedding of people laughing and crying, I will never forget! In addition, the age of the new marriage mass wedding to be held in December in Lijiang, Yunnan, tour the city, snow-capped mountains, in the dictionary of Naxi courtyard complete their life.

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