Nantong Jiangsu Province established the first regulation of marriage and family Center

On November 15, the city of Jiangsu Province, the first-level dispute resolution Center in Nantong, officially inaugurated on marriage and family. Party member and discipline inspection team leader Tang Weimin of the provincial women's Federation, and Nantong municipal Committee, legal Committee Cao b, Nantong, Nantong city, Zhang Wulin, the Secretary of Justice, Federation Chairman Qian Suomei, attended the unveiling ceremony.


Nantong, Nantong city, Center for marriage and family disputes by judicial Council, the Steering Committee and the Mediation Committee politics and Law Committee, comprehensive management committee, the women's Federation jointly established. Center Secretary for public security, procuratorial, France, home, health, society, petition and other departments for the joint unit, major cases involving women and children and protect the rights and interests of the members of the family support, child support, maintenance, inheritance, marriage and other parties are willing to mediate family disputes. Features marriage and family disputes under the Center is designed to adapt to the new situation, the full integration of resources to improve the "poetry" of the mediation patterns, promoting marriage and family disputes the orderly operation and further development of professional mediation. It is learnt that the Nantong city, which is following the doctor and patient mediation Center set up after the second municipal professional mediation body.


the same day, Nantong linkage also established marriage and family disputes Mediation Committee, Jiang Ying, Nantong city, 16 people had been hired as a marriage and family disputes, such as mediation Center, one of the first people's mediators.

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