Hebei wedding market "sweet chains" quietly formed

Colorful flowers, beautiful wedding dresses, multicolored balloons ... ... Everyone wants their wedding a warm, romantic and unique style. New people's pursuit for personalized wedding, and more colorful wedding consumption, an increasingly mature, large "sweet chains" is quietly taking shape.


the wedding cake is getting bigger


"not not know, one is startled. "On November 11, capital of members of the public in 3 days before the wedding and love to be consumption statistics, catering for 30, a total of 30,000 yuan; alcoholic drinks tea with sugar-owned a total of 20,000 yuan; the scene arrangement, wedding cars, wedding cost 20,000 yuan; live webcams, photo taking, spending 10,000 yuan; plus a series of fragmented costs, a total of 89,000. "If it were coupled with the down payment on a House, the renovation costs, the whole adds up to five hundred thousand or six hundred thousand, not a decimal. "Yu said with deep feeling.


"the data shows that most newcomers will 31% to 60% for wedding savings and consumption. This is a huge piece of cake. "Wedding of Hebei Vice Du Zhi Yu said, the current capital of nearly 1000 wedding service companies, wedding service, prices are broadly divided into three levels: 2, less than 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan. Million compared to last year following mainstream wedding, million wedding and above accounted for a large proportion of the year, and 3 to 50,000 yuan a significant growth trend in high-end wedding.


increasing scale is not just the wedding, wedding industry chain is getting longer and longer. Besides directly related to wedding wedding dress, wedding photography, wedding services, wedding, jewelry industry booming, a home appliances, furniture, bedding, decoration, real estate, automotive, banking, insurance and other industries also took the wedding consumption of "express". Reporters learned that Chinese Valentine's day this year, an insurance company seized the opportunity to launch a special love and marriage insurance products, witnessed the couple love sweet at the same time, you can also receive an additional benefit of, favored by many young people.


"the big house, cars, small to invitations, pins, are included in the wedding industry chain. According to statistics, directly involved in the wedding industry and related industries with at least more than more than 60 categories. "Du know declares, with the new people's increasing demand for personalized wedding, wedding industry chain will be spread widely, Division of labor would be fine.


wedding services the importance of transformation


in interviews, many newcomers lamented to reporters, for organizing a wedding, from buying a House to decorate, from rings to wedding photography, from wedding to the hotel ... ... Don't know how many times to run the market. "Although also wanted to give the wedding company take care of, but I just worry that the levels cannot keep up. "Many couples say the same idea.


it is understood that some low-end wedding main cottage-style operation, with prices as low as two thousand or three thousand Yuan to attract customers, in terms of service quality and unable to meet customer demand, causing many marriage disputes.


"wedding company registration threshold is relatively low, often rushing headlong into mass action of the season, the off-season in disorder, leading to the wedding industry service level varies greatly. At present, the wedding industry lack uniform standards, market irregularities, particularly at a wedding, the capital markets are in a period of increased development, fighting a price war between the peers, easily causing confusion in the market and shrinking, affecting the healthy development of the industry as a whole. Therefore, the required specification for the wedding industry, and wedding services needs to be transformed. "Han Xiaoli, head of Shijiazhuang romantic Golden Cup professional wedding consultant company introduction, in order to meet the market demand, the company has developed a complete wedding service processes, ranging from marriage preparation to wedding design, married proposed design, design, then travel to honeymoon after the wedding, such as" one-stop "services.


many in the industry believe that trend of wedding services are bound to turn to consultants, wedding company does not necessarily have its own studios, jewelry stores, hotels, and so on, but you can use it as your supplier and strategic partner, and then provide personalized services according to the customer's specific needs, upgrades, and service transformation at the same time, drive the development of the wedding industry.  

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