Earthquake heard women's seek boyfriend planned marriage

On March 31, major Internet forum posts "Chongqing women's 300 yuan to seek wedding planning marriage", lead to national users of the onlookers, all kinds of noise, doubts this is a publicity stunt, disregard this woman, someone has lamented girls really love ... ... Reporters on the first time through the QQ contact poster "Ghost marriage girl" sugar sugar. Posters, post was an impulse just to help people, sugar sugar said, his thing was posted online just know, QQ has exploded ... ...


Street turn to Ghost marriage


Chongqing Netizen "BY_ 77" MOP post on the Forum, she recently went to Chongqing Guanyin bridge pedestrian street where to see houses for rent, unexpectedly met "cups" a beautiful woman holding up a sign for help. Watch lots of people around, she looked for help content was mined to the ghost marriages? Want marriage? Look at specific content to sign two sheets of paper, she moved.


reporters from the post with photos, wearing a gray business suit standing on high heels long hair beauties, is holding a card stood by the roadside. Called sugar sugar, her card says, she and her boyfriend love, after graduating from University, wanted to struggle a few years later, married, and decided to met 3-year anniversary (March 29, 2010) get married. But the days of rainy, boyfriend to Sichuan in May 2008, Wenchuan earthquake occurred after and never heard from. For two years, she has not given up looking for a boyfriend, but had no information. Seeing the agreed date for the wedding is coming up, her heart is also dead, so decided to complete the contract of promise, and he married a ghost. However, run out of savings looking for a boyfriend, and I wouldn't want my parents to worry about, she had more than 300 yuan, and wants the wedding company helped her planned marriage.


tens of thousands of users watching "Ghost marriage girl"


post asserts that power is limited by myself, and hope through the post so that more people will pay attention and help, "marriage." After post attracted the attention of netizens, netizens called for: that's moving, people QQ contact her as soon as possible, to help her dreams. Netizens can help her find a wedding services company, but some netizens think that worth it. There are many netizens skeptical. Netizen "Yang cute not cute," and why should marriage wedding company, also OK Ah. Netizen "jjaijy" Note, "this boyfriend for two years running, it must be a very painful feelings, and so James built painted beautiful nails, dress up as pretty to see who? Is it true love or otherwise? Looking forward to the truth! Nowadays, too many scams, is known for doing anything. ”

"is hope for her"


March 31 by QQ contact the poster "BY_ 77". Reporters asked, now many people QQ candy with sugar, sugar could easily become a Internet sensation, and how when she first posted about it. "BY_ 77", "cups,......" she's original intention was to help her, she just came to Chongqing, and then on the streets looking for a House, coincided with the sugar. "Start beauty I took cell phone pictures of her, felt embarrassed, so a change of place to continue holding the sign stood. I followed in the past, because I wanted to help her, she has a stand alone in this way such a cold Street for help, really pathetic...... "


"BY_ 77", told reporters that her job now is to make the network, yesterday saw the fire, and then she took it ... ... No other. Was very excited as soon as posted.


one think this is a publicity stunt, "BY_ 77," said "no". She said he was a former magazine editor, insight is very good, did not expect such a bit, before she and sugar do not know.


"the wedding would be completed"


"I just knew that things were posted online, QQ almost burst......," sugar said. On March 31, the reporter through QQ contact "Ghost marriage girl" sugar sugar. She said, now many people add her QQ, last logged on, request friends number is more than more than 200, "today I have not dared to go out."


at a press conference, chat with candy in a few seconds, she said that more than 40 people and she, a lot was rejected by her. Sugar told reporters that the people the day before yesterday, add her QQ, questioning her. She said that things are really, really felt that way, she didn't want to fool people, but now she is the object of fools.


candy said, her family and her boyfriend have been in contact, but was a long time ago. Boyfriend after the disappearance of two elderly people also sad they know presence of sugar, but not always.


"I have a lot of things none of them talked. My family feel that we cannot understand. I think is really hard for me to forget that feeling, my intention is to make wedding really come true. I want to filial piety to his parents and take care of them for some time. Now this conflict is very large. My parents are against it, my family I was a child, I also very contradictory, MOM and dad don't want me to wreck a life like this, the old man said with three generations of Ghost marriage failure. "Sugar told reporters, I did not want to be the media and Internet, she only wants to fulfil his boyfriend of conventions.


Why choose placards, sugar said, because his family is in the field, and strongly opposed their marriage, he has no money, we thought this way. "There are wedding for me, says free. "Sugar says she will complete this wedding.

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