Real wedding groom spoof of Guizhou black lingerie parade

Sichuan broadcast television news   today's wedding means constant renovation of a prank, looked astounding. Wedding spoof from the family to the street, from wedding to wedding road. On March 27, huaxi, Guiyang, Guizhou province, Park Gate, Liu is wearing red lingerie and black stockings to send cigarettes to every person you meet ... ...


wedding day friends the most, this is the local custom, friends on Liu who wore strange scrawl interesting Vantu, parade with Mr Liu.


wedding a little "difficult" the bride and groom, this is for a festive fun, but if you overdo it, and will let the couple felt awkward and unpleasant, even wedding ends in tragedy. Savage often a thin line between vulgarity and modern civilization, messing around, but will make everyone unhappy.

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