New fencing personally planning the wedding cost only RMB

Recently, a Shanghai bride on Twitter, drying out of the marriage Bill, banquet, wedding, ring, wedding cars, clothes, alcohol and tobacco, the honeymoon ... ... Spent a total of more than 260,000 yuan. He had to sigh: "MOM and dad married only ' half pig ', I got married, the parents ' half life '. "However, the 7th, a no wedding car, Bridal, wedding without champagne in the Olympic Sports Center in the new world hotel. Generation guys personally planning the wedding, and themselves as master of ceremonies, friend when talking to architects, marriage bills total more than 10,000 yuan, including wedding flowers 1029.


he is the host and the groom


"I love you, is my sole memory, who does not work, pulled away from my body to you......" 7th, Olympic Sports Center in the new world within the Hall on the second floor of the hotel, a variety of the exclusive memory. Hall, no flowers, no professional lights, only the pink background of the stage, the couple happy heart-shaped photo, and "because of love" four characters stuck in red hearts, vaguely revealed here is about to hold a wedding reception.


12:08 A.M., the volume of the background music was getting smaller, one wearing a striped short-sleeved shirt, wearing glasses, slightly thin man stepped onto the stage. He holds professional microphone, "Hey Hey" was a,  sound effects for your microphone to the best. Ming Wei standing next to him was the bride, wearing a white dress, makeup, when peace does not make a big difference. "Thank you all for taking the time to come to the wedding today......" after the men finished, turns expertly kissed the forehead of the bride.


"Ah? Facilitator, Kiss the bride? "One side served the waitress was a little surprised, and quoted story that table into a fit of laughter. In fact, he Jianzhong, 26 years old, Ming Wei and his girlfriend who met while in College, this year ended a seven-year Marathon of love holding hands stepped into the aisle. Today, he is the master of ceremonies, and the groom.


couple themselves set, groom's effort to prepare a small gift


9 o'clock in the morning, Ming Wei to a costume shop nearby, 60, a weak Yuan. Divorce party began a full two hours, the couple does not hire a wedding car, choosing instead to take a bus to the hotel.


contact the waiter got the day before yesterday in the hotel, decorate the scene photos, began his work in the building. Ming Wei was seven months pregnant, sat on the side of the Chair and watched her husband being arranged the scene back, without saying a Word. Jianzhong placed the stool in the middle stage, quickly standing up, hearts photos on a pink background, and "this heart photo was made by my wife. "The tone was full of love.


Ming Wei smiled, "this heart my miserable, looked simple shear really want to spend more time with a knife," she cut edge of the hearts full, smooth, it took 4 hours, wasting more than more than 10 sheets of foam paper. Throughout the wedding process, although there was no bridal party, no champagne, no exchange of rings, the atmosphere as warm. Among them, the gift set by segments is Hi full turn, is even more important in the way they filled footprint.


love twist film packages, porcelain, and love the light ... ... As small gifts, everything it took to build in a lot of thought into. He said the gift was chosen because: they each day or major festivals, films are statuary oped; porcelain twist records the important moments of their first hand; as for the lamp as a gift case, because he was engaged in the electronics industry, and you want the love lights can light up the road another couple love.


neighbors-sponsored wedding   a friend acting as a wedding with Division


Ming Wei wore a small white dress is not too fit, a little bit tight. It turns out that dress is just next door married neighbors lent them. Ming Wei originally wanted to wear normal clothes, "feel free," but believes that dress to wear, "after all, once in a lifetime. "Right shoulder at the camera, through the wedding glasses, professionally with behind the couple, in order to find the best angle, left Flash right to hide," I'm on leave today, brother's wedding to tie up Sai. "He said, a month ago, and expressed the hope for help when shooting weddings in the building, he promised.


"the wedding be held smoothly, thanks to all my friends," Jian said, because he was too busy, the wedding of small things, is a friend to handle. Tickets are a friends friend sponsor, twist is a friend of mine to China in line to buy ... ...


because there is no wedding, everything a person in order. Is the most tired looking hotel, bought candy, send invitations, "sometimes one skull was busy out," he said, personally planning the wedding, while tired is tired, but saving a lot, except for weddings, including weddings and small gifts, the total cost of 1029.


wedding etiquette price mark   groom begin planning the wedding


Jianzhong as a Planning Manager in a lighting store, Internet jobs Ming Wei, two people about seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan a month's wages. Before marriage, the two men agreed the wedding simple ideas, "we feel that is a form of marriage, luxury, simple and does not make any difference. "This year's Spring Festival, the couple picked up a marriage license. Section, building began on the move, looking for wedding, found more than more than 10, "than a wide of the mark. "Built in the said process generally includes,  wedding,  wedding planning, wedding Chair, field supervision, floral designers, photography, new styling, venue decoration, lighting, stage art......" added up to a total, universal price of 5000 Yuan, some even higher. ”


Ming Wei heard that after the wedding ceremony costs, she said didn't want to do. In her view, the weddings don't have to engage in such luxury, is to allow relatives and friends to get together and have some fun. During that time, because the wedding thing, the two couples are more depressed. After consultation, the two couples consider the feelings of relatives and friends, got married, or should I ask everybody to witness it. Thus, originally built in their own planning, started the first wedding planning.


"he is still very hard, lately, busy with wedding things after work every day, I feel happy," said Ming Wei, when she sees her husband carefully during the wedding, they always feel sweet.

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