Synthesis of wedding photos are favored by the working layer effect does not discount

Now shooting a wedding, indoor and outdoor shooting, spent tens of thousands of Yuan. For some working class young people, is not a small expense.


today, some young people marry in order to save costs or to use more scenes, will usually self portrait photo, please online PS (synthetic) on expert help to find other background, spend hundreds of Yuan, will be able to get a satisfactory set of wedding photos.


self-portrait, plain wedding favor


"help, this is my most recent photos taken, no background, members ask PS background, photos. "Yesterday, in Baidu tieba forums, netizens" kitten eat fish "posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend set. Photo of two people wearing casual lovers, the background is light blue.


"kitten eat fish," says wedding is too expensive now, marriage is increasingly expensive, he and girlfriend felt no need to take your wedding photos, many users are searching online PS expert making the wedding, not only to save money, and in various forms, backgrounds, clothing can be selected at random, much more convenient than Studio sets limits.


then, reporter in Taobao, and end network, and pig eight ring network, and can cattle network and modified figure network, website Shang found, not only will photos making into wedding of customer more, some new also shooting no background or for single pure color background of "pigment wedding", then in online please PS master making into various theme wedding, according to making content of different, costs from each Zhang 1 Yuan to 5 Yuan ranging.


in various forms, save money


PS photos online, with low cost, diversity, effects are similar to shooting in the Studio, which also struck in the capital of a private Secretary LI wenjuan. She saw online the PS came out beautiful wedding pictures, of her plans to get married in February next year, also prepared with a photo of two people with her boyfriend, make wedding photos.


"Although the wedding did this once in a lifetime, but it is too expensive, cheap but also two thousand or three thousand Yuan. "Li wenjuan says she and her boyfriend are like taking photos, there are many pictures of the electronic version, as in PS online photos, up to two hundred or three hundred Yuan, and the effect is similar to bridal shop come out.


working for an advertising company in the Northwest of the capital road Qian Lingna said photo post production also relies on software, with PS effects, but in terms of cost, there is much difference.


in an interview, 15 people under age 30, 8 people, such as the production of good, willing to take this money and convenience of wedding photos.


Jiefang North Road in the capital works in a bridal shop has 3 Chris says, the PS online wedding business, does not affect wedding photography stores, after all, most people want a perfect souvenir.

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