Acting companies to test the waters the wedding industry want a piece

With the changing times and new change of people's ideas, wedding industry from rent to sell wedding dresses, wedding car service quietly upgraded to sell specific items, such as creative cultural industry. Found a news a few days ago during a wedding Expo, many show business culture communication company has tentacles into the wedding industry.


Gallery, in Shanxi province, the reporters saw, the Pavilion set the stage in front of a central surrounded visitors to interact with the stars, lights, rocker and other performance equipment is readily available, to undertake the task of cultural communication company official told reporters they also undertake wedding business. The charge, and current industry mainstream wedding hotels, cultural communication company services more flexible, because they are not subject to space constraints of wedding, sold just creative.


and several other participating cultural communication company has moved out of the traditional wedding fengguanxiapei, Brazier, saddles and other props, high culture, using their advantage with fixed contracted actors, for couples to create a creative personality wedding. This Expo of hosted party told reporter, with wedding industry of development, wedding by needed of arch, and married car, and camera, and hotel, jobs increasingly refinement, but to towards more of tourist, various wedding service institutions are select has taibaodalan of "a station type" service, this also let wedding industry of competition increasingly fierce, even appeared has mutual prices of down behavior, so, as soon as possible specification industry management, and established market access mechanism on into has Industry Association of urgent task.

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