Wedding Photography Museum engaged in price discrimination does not match the commitment and

Nowadays, young people for your wedding to perfection, wedding photos is one of the very important elements, the new standard Wedding Hall of early abuse of services. A few days ago, Ms Wu because of the public wedding and green paddy personalized wedding Hall dispute.


late in February, she and fiance visit wedding Expo, green paddy personalized wedding pavilion booth staff to introduce them to a wedding package worth 2888, and of her commitment to replace the wedding two months are new this year. Optional locations, range can be several kilometers along the bridge. She and fiance, feel good, make 500 Yuan deposit, CA on March 29 to in-store shooting.


on March 25, she came to the store in advance to view, found in-store wedding dress is very old, and a little dirty. Staff informed, shop wedding dresses "VIP area" and "Accessories". "VIP area" wedding 2012 all new shooting scene are physical background, but consumption of more than 5,000 yuan and enjoy. Ms Wu can only be "products" option.


bridal shop with Ms Wu said at the wedding Expo took place has been changed outside of, the original bridge a few kilometers along the range is reduced to only marshland. She was very upset, and request cancellation and refund of the deposit. Staff said there was no precedent for this. Wu complaint it to the trade and Industry Bureau, through mediation, he personalized wedding Hall, green returned to the Wu 500 Yuan deposit.

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