Wedding wedding birthday cover new business growth

Birthday party strong momentum of consumption rises, becoming a new growth point of the wedding industry.


17th, Wuchang, held in a hotel in a lavish birthday feast celebrations not only electronic sign board, flower arrangement, stage set up, also invited the national young singers competition Gold Award singers performing, celebration ostentation than ordinary wedding, at a total cost of up to more than 100,000 yuan. A hotel worker said, "at first thought it was a wedding banquet, did not think birthday so magnificent."


NA culture in Wuhan introduce heads of the Commonwealth of Dominica, an ordinary wedding costs about ten thousand or twenty thousand Yuan, and birthday celebrations on the market, more than 100,000 are common. Wedding industry, new technology, new projects, birthday party customers are willing to try, some birthday party has become a party, not only has VCR, exclusive LOGO, site of the original choreography, there is the team of more than 30 people, the whole process is very professional.


threshold is not high the wedding industry, each year many new companies, florists, wedding dress shop to carry out similar operations, making the whole industry of price competition. Yangzi Street Wedding Plaza, a boss says, a 20,000 Yuan last year wedding business, was snatched outside company to 9000 price, because each other using props, lighting, service personnel are cheaper, natural and low cost.


from the impact of industry competition, a wedding services company to start looking for a new business, birthday party become the new growth point. Association Chairman Yu Cheng further said the wedding industry, and wedding business, birthday person, either at no cost simply arranged, or willing to spend money to hire a dedicated team to host, it also makes the momentum of the market is on the rise.  

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