Luxury Wedding gave birth to Wuhan high-end wedding flower market

A few days ago, at the wedding held in Hankou, a five-star hotel, elegant floral design is refreshing: chanel handbag shaped bride holding flowers and greeting up to 2.5 meters, long about 4 metres of three-dimensional Peacock lifelike, 1 meter high Swan graceful on the table. The wedding guests oohed and ahhed, one after another in front of the fine arts to photo.


careful guest find, to create this feast of flowers florists are uniformed, say a strong Opera. "They are my floral at the invitation from the Beijing team, team a group of 5 people, 1 floral designer, 4 is responsible for the implementation of the gardener. "According to groom hejia introduces his bride back from honeymoon in Europe, the floral design is very popular in Europe, unfortunately, searched the Wuhan market, find it very hard to find professional floral company, had to, had to make wedding invitation from Beijing.


Infineon is responsible for this wedding wedding General Manager Yang Zhiduan told reporters that the floral Division team cost a lot of money from Beijing, Wuhan, they needed a week in advance to view the site, designers such as hand-painted artwork came out, then take welding process. Two days after the shape is completed, part of the hotel, on the last day to complete arrangements. "Flowers flown from Yunnan to spend 30,000 Beijing team's artificial cost 20,000, not counting equipment processing fee, which is around 50,000, and that doesn't include playing for the team to start 10-bit local florists. ”


high-end flower market in Wuhan is really no business to get involved in it? Yes, but very few.


MS Xu Yuhuan 12 running flower shop in Wuhan, her deep insights. Groom hejia had looked for her, but her business too much, it cannot be in two places at once. She said: "the market is very large, slow development of Wuhan, great potential to be developed. "It is understood that the Wuhan every wedding floral order from 10,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan, the couple accepted, opened last year, more than 100,000 yuan of orders 1 to pick up more than more than 10. Wuhan local practitioners estimate that next year there will be more involved in the market.

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