Perfect Korean generation how to take wedding photos

1. selection of clothing

clothing certainly preferred Korean wedding dresses, the Korean version of wedding dress has the advantage of good vertical sense, flowing lines, if is a traditional Korea dress mostly waist with special tightening in the chest, chest down, for the hidden women of figure flaws. And now favored by Studio Korean wedding fabrics luxurious, inlaid with pearls, ornaments on the wedding, but the style is not complicated, preferably with a long tail. Of course, color refreshing, simple style of Korean fashion is a good choice, in addition, delicate and elegant Court hanbok in ancient times will give you a different kind of beauty.

2. makeup to create

head modeling is Korean style characteristic of the main way to realize the makeup used: twisted, Peng, weaving techniques, wide package plus a Crown is often the way, also have hair clip bangs and big flower head of credit cards tricks. Korean makeup emphasizes the natural spot, the best in a uniform color on the makeup, face makeup not too dense. Foundation seeks to build solid smile, almost powder is available in three colors the background colour decorated face.

3. shape design

Korean style tend to be elegant, restrained beauty of static, of course, in terms of beauty, can also be a little elegant movement, such as hair and skirts agitates. In addition, sweet smile and eyes of love, is the key to points on the shape.

4. tone selection

Korean wedding romantic, impressionistic style, photos to let the viewer feel the emotions from the picture extension of beauty and pleasure. Therefore, the photo colors are often divided into high and low key this in two ways: high profile generally consists mainly of white screen, extended photo hero of warm emotions, low profile picture is dominated by coffee, extended photo hero quiet affection.

5. set background

life of of scene, and happiness sense of reveals and warm of atmosphere is photographer to expression of focus, so, today of shooting more selection life of of background or imitation location of digital background, background tones compared bright, some used classic shooting style of photographer also will selection gradually color and pattern elegant of wallpaper or tie-dye cloth as background, Brown, and Brown, and light purple are is good of can selected back views.

6. photographic light tips

light distribution is more complex, the use of light and the charm of the characters portrayed are particularly exquisite, in order to emphasize the icing on the cake and pictures of characters a sense of space, general use of lamp light, this light can increase the brightness of the face and the contours of the characters clearly sketched out.

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