Short hair bridal wedding cheats American hair brides

How to be more photogenic

issue a   short hair too monotonous?

If you are concerned about short hair too monotonous, and matching headdress or when in the wedding flowers or even distinctive hats is a good strategy. If you want to select jewelry, featured with distinctive Crown, hair clips, and so on.

question two   hair is too short to do?

some brides ask really short hair do, just bring some jewelry, cute short hair comes out more exhibition full of beauty and grace, like earrings, clip this kind of jewelry with unique personality can make you shine.

three   in the hair to do?

strategy is to design a hairstyle that suits you. Short hair in a selection of great, dyeing, hot roll, cut into a very dynamic layered hairstyle is short hair bride the best choice, but the primary reason was for you, can highlight your hair and face shape the characteristics effect.

How to design

modelling a   simply beautiful n sweet

many young people like the home design in the wedding mood shots, probably associated with life moving too fast but simple quiet. May wish to choose a suitable short hair wedding hairstyles, to explain a simple happy beauty, such as in a warm room, put on a white shirt, picked up the pillow and fight each other, or sitting on the bed showing sluggish side, even more will exude a bourgeois style and beauty.

modeling two   pure beauty, sweet death

may benefit lies in the interpretation of the mature beauty with long hair, but wanted to render the pure beauty, short hair wedding hairstyles is easier, only need a simple shape, to capture the brightest eyes and real smile appears ignorant of simple beauty. Like a Sun-smart girl, like a wet behind the ears of a child, good but full of a certain charm of innocence.

modeling   skilful beauty, Super temperament

If pure does not meet your style, don't forget that short hair is also able charm of elegant weapon, remember the hair in the Hollywood film the day after tomorrow's heroine. If you want to also have this charm, may wish to design a short hair wedding hair styles, wedding make up a female secret agent, is a good choice for your personality and charm, Oh.

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