Wedding photography new Raiders brilliantly disarming in the early shooting problems and embarrassment

Men's clothing:

we have clients that our men can also bring, many customers will put this and the Studio, saying facilities are not perfect, wrong, we just don't want the groom dressed in ill-fitting white suit with embroidery on the grass looked up and pointed to the sky, or wearing a shirt costume, sit by the Lake watching from afar ... ... Men clothing about of is quality sense, is fit or not, is temperament of reflected, Studio can provides how many paragraph men's of clothing? men's clothing of size vary, who and can guarantee must fit? consider to business cost, even men clothing prepared full has, products texture can real Shang have to did? to shooting can has better of effect, we recommends customer owned men's is best of! bride are to of is belongs to himself unique of Prince, and not cookie of white horse.

shirt: in General, is pure color long sleeve shirt need one or two pieces, to make some of the more dignified and elegant lens, white, light pink, light blue, relatively young, black, Brown, Navy and other relatively more mature, slim. Location shooting is recommended that you select a brightly colored shirt, such as yellow, blue, green, red, and so on, styles can be striped, Plaid, or some mosaic with small details, you can take some of the more lively and natural or fashion personality style.

pants: in keeping with some elegant shots, a pair of dark trousers or casual pants are necessary, could not get used to wearing, would need at least a pair of dark jeans. Location, then casual, jeans, slacks, trousers, shorts are OK, easy.

suit: formal suit most suitable for shooting Interior or architectural background scene   deliberately wore suits to the suburban station, awkward, and location shooting, you can try wearing leisure suits, such as slim, short, Korean version, and so on, or check out other outfits.

other garments: must like traditional wedding photo, the modern wedding photography Shirt Pants suit, three-set up   in addition to these basic outside, in fact, there are many wedding photography can be used to dress, they underscored by matching up in the shape of individuality, made more diverse, such as wool vest, vest, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, and so on and so on

shoes: dress shoes or casual shoes or casual shoes, such as   in General black and white would be better with, other colors depending on the garment.

distribution ornaments: men again not wedding tablets in of supporting or props has   rich of props and distribution ornaments will let single of men styling changeable up, like various tie, and tie, and glasses, and hat and so on, General each home shop in will for new people prepared some, but, if hope shooting effect can more special of you, also can himself prepared some shooting Shi with came.

life: wedding photo couple photo are included, this requires two human life. Are some of the more characteristic couple clothing, or clothing styles and colors, by their match, however, looked fit is key. Experience has shown that the location choose bright colors, style has echoes of clothing would be more photogenic.

women's clothing:

wedding: General Studio and Studio of wedding dress styles is sufficient to pick, this is no big problem. Mostly looked at relatively short or too fat, special sizes, better make one just in case, anyway, wedding day wear, fitted wedding dress will make you feel more confident, shooting all day in a good mood.

shoes: if new relatively large height differences on both sides,   a pair of high heels is necessary   boys girls like half a head shot would be a good fit. Location is important to have a good pair of walking shoes, not flat on the outskirts of cement, shoes, slippers and so on are all good choices, wedding dresses out of sight, don't worry about it. Can also be prepared a nice pair of sandals or shoes, or in the actions that need to be exposed foot when wearing short dresses, you can change  .

life: are some of the more characteristic couple of clothing, or clothing styles and colors, by their match, however, looked perfectly is the focus ... Match experience showed that location choose bright colors, style has echoes of clothing would be more photogenic. First pick men's clothing, and men's clothing styles and colors to match better, why no girls because boys clothes, beautiful bride, remember not to select their first look at the clothing and ignored the man and you match  , this is, after all, couples photo  , HA.

Accessories: girls ' accessories is ever-changing, studios and studios are going to many commonly used in store for new people to choose, if you wish I was special, or jewelry boxes of his beloved, and may be posted and your temperament.

props  :

each store prepares many common items in the shop, such as flowers, hats, umbrella in hand, and so on, but some of the more special, memorable or whim of the fun stuff will require new people play to prepare your imagination, which is the key to results, some details of embellishment would make the picture more engaging, full of memorable  .

shooting hours:

spring, and summer, and early autumn relative will compared for shooting, weather not too hot also not too cold, and wedding of held most concentrated in 51 and 11 around, new people must to for good ahead of shooting of prepared, we of making cycle is 30 days around, I believes most Studio Studio and work room should also almost need so long of time, then photos out wedding there making some things also need time, so as don't select in wedding Qian a two months catch with to took wedding, Should be prepared in advance, in plenty of time and good weather to finish filming and production later. There are a lot of things trivial things to deal with before the wedding, the wedding things to be completed earlier as early as possible to complete, so be careful avoid wedding day wedding also could get their hands on, or on the eve of the wedding for also taking the time to choose the wedding, this haste to pick out the perfect wedding photos are very unfavorable.

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