Stylish new wedding photography notes

, Selecting wedding photography packages, set of difference lies mainly in the clothing of different photos, makeup artist and photographer of a different, but as far as I observe, as if whoever is in a photo as long as it is the lowest level, Taiwan photographers, senior makeup artist, in other words, no need for too much sympathy on this point. Mostly wear clothes more styles more photos is they want to do more as well.

Second, photos, note the number at the same time, must pay attention to size, how many large, Crystal box, how many, how much each rostered, different in this photo is a picture of the same or different, that is to say if it is 22 photographs, what every instinct is different 22, or two of the same pictures. Then, how big each photo in a specific principle is full of pictures, the more the better, 18 more than three or four of the best 18-inch photo, very stylish.

three, asked if any location, wedding photography location images more naturally beautiful, I personally think the indispensable and say hi to assessed problems on location travel costs, try according to location, not afraid of cold, very romantic. Lifetime, because you're probably wearing a wedding dress in a secluded Park two guys just hanging out quite a long time.

four, the price. Let alone someone you introduce, to bargain with him, and see if it is possible price as low as possible, then took my card discount cheap is cheap after prices were cut, in short, to find a lowest

five, wedding photography package is no use to you, such as wedding invitations, depending on what they don't let him give you another photo, each large good ask not for decoration, don't give is net, ordeal, in short make sure doesn't hurt. Wedding invitations extra for a 10-inch Crystal box.

six in their budget, when selecting packages should be reduced on the basis of 1000-1500. Example: prepared according to a 4000-wedding photos, you should choose around 2500. Because according to finished Studio with lots of pictures for you, even if you don't want to over budget, but couldn't bear not to their photograph. And generally are more expensive things in addition to roughly count different things as cheaper, the salesman said it sent nothing is something, when I took Mrs King was to send a lot of things, such as what kind of fruit frozen makeup, Royal carriages: shooting, Chief make-up artist photographers, are false, and treatment is the same. Chose less expensive packages to pick one more pictures but much more cost-effective.

seven, and choose the photos, Photo Studio computer selected, one by one, it is difficult to select, must be harsh choice is not particularly satisfied with the delete (not permanent), otherwise your money quickly when they had to blast away. Repeatedly would not force the customer to buy photos, but see only three times, if your attitude is not a tough is 50 Yuan/Zhang, but nothing is burned on the disc, but not packed. Other: listening to the salesmen said this sent the while, you have to study the market, more practical things, such as when they speak of marriage photo stickers, you can also call them to send one or more Crystal photo, rent wedding voucher or something like that.

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