Summer by the sea wedding notes

For new people to select summer wedding, wedding time tends to be the first choice of the sea. The summer heat at the beach wedding to what to do to prepare for it in advance? say the new people in the wedding before the note:

1. variety of Sun protection items to complete, such as sunscreen, umbrellas, wet wipes, and so on.

2. If hair length trimming or perm,  should be completed before the shooting a week. so hair can be more natural.

3. who shot glasses, not with tinted or reflective glass,  should consider wearing contact lenses in advance.

4. photo not make-up before going out the same day, ahead of a facial skin care.

5.,  try to avoid staying up late the night before the photo is,  or drink, drink plenty of water after 20:00. To avoid dark circles and wild-eyed. Avoid eye fatigue the next day results.

6. If you believe that a memorable special items, pets need as props, such as wedding, advance communication.

7. it is recommended not to bring too many valuables to prevent the loss or damage.

8. close coordination and cheerful State of mind is a prerequisite to shoot good works.

9. the night before the shooting, relaxing bath and getting enough sleep, hair wash,  not use mousse or hair gel.

bride Note:

1. prepare their own white or beige strapless Bras,

2. your own nails and armpit hair shaved,

3. Please wear out,  easy to change dress, hairstyle and makeup will not be destroyed,

4.  If there is no special filming requirements it is not recommended to wear jewelry, watches, pendant and other items. So as to avoid damage or loss;

groom Note:

1. Please prepare your own black shoes, and prepare a black and white socks a pair,

2. Please clean up your own face (shave   nose hair) and trim nails,

3. do not wear suits or dark-colored underwear, avoid wearing white pants wearing;

and in the sea areas in need of attention: because most of their wedding photos choose Sun insolation sufficient period, prepared advance in beach wedding sunscreen and drinking water sufficient, avoid water to heat stroke. Recommends avoiding high temperature period of year, choose the appropriate climate for the beach wedding photography. Like the friend you can also choose the kind of island tour pics and travel with a combination of wedding photography agency, or wedding packages in the Studio, playing wedding balance.

new people, the above considerations carefully read and implement, before the on location wedding, carefully with your photographer and makeup artist to communicate your thoughts and ideas, and their careful study. Believe that this summer, your ocean view wedding photos are certainly more dreamlike aesthetic.

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