Summer wedding notices couples filming in summer collection

Note 1: eugenol, mosquito-proof liquid carry-on ready

in summer, outdoor shooting more mosquitoes, so new people always bring refreshing oil or medicated oil. So if toxic mosquito bites can take timely measures to prevent inflammation, medicated oil or eugenol can prevent some other phenomena, and also has a refreshing effect. In addition, you can also apply mosquito liquid before shooting to prevent mosquito bites.

Note 2: the shooting the night before, the indoor temperature should not be too low

the hot summer days, should pay more attention to rest before the wedding, not the thermostat too low during sleep, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, makes subjects when shooting on exhaustion, air temperature of around 23 degrees.

Note 3: take sunscreen, skin the most intimate of protection

in summer, girls are most afraid of sunburn, especially outdoor wedding photos, for the sake of perfect lighting effects, the new people had to hold the position in the Sun for a long time, in a thin exposed wedding day, the skin will be red and sunburned. This not only affects the appearance, after sunburn caused by pain, nor can heal in time, outdoor wedding photography so be sure to bring sunscreen, not applied before shooting, also often shoot up.

Note 4: heatstroke shade goods indispensable

cool drinks and small fan, heat stroke prevention drug, wet towels, tissue, such as heatstroke, remember to allow Entourage to help carry, essential for a rainy day.

Note 5: band aid less

outside, if taken in the field, meadow, bride wearing a thin dress, often neglected branches scratch, when band aid is essential. When the skin is scratched, and band-aid affixed to treating injuries, initial reduction of bacterial infections.

Note 6: exterior of hairstyles simple

location of wedding hair design with simple and natural, especially in Beach photography, sea breeze is easy to blow off the styling of hair, requires constant care, trimming, which increased shooting time, affecting efficiency. Recommend site design style.

new people have to keep in mind these six points in front of the wedding preparations, not headaches in a hot weather on location. This summer, still can be a perfect wedding.

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