Generation phenomenon: who should go to the Chinese new year Chinese new year

Now the vast majority of young people is the only daughter of the family, so there have been 421 "such a model, a couple of supporting four grandparents, birth of a child to become common. In this social phenomenon, the "Spring Festival who go home" has become difficult to avoid social problems.

according to the Fengtai District Court judge Lin the filing, the week before the Spring Festival, the Court accepted only 9 cases of divorce, but 3 days of work of the Court after the Spring Festival, is nearly 20 couples to divorce court, apparently after the Spring Festival a couple divorces created a "climax". A pair of newly married young couples before Spring Festival, holiday went to court for a divorce. Lin said the Festival has become a newly married young couples "tested".

Lin also said that in the divorce, the majority young couples divorce, divorce for the simple reason that some couples to unhappy violence back home is still home, some couples to give how much money in dispute, these young couples divorce difficult peace talks. After the elderly couple to divorce court, mostly "temperamental", judges tend to give these talks.

users small a, said, we annual new year for home this thing will big noisy once, he is a Phoenix man, is a big son, had to to he support face, since married Hou, three a Festival are is in he home had of, but during taste is bad by, on new year's Eve night, family a everyone child bustling to said with language, I like a outsiders like, that when, special Miss himself of parents, so, this year anyway also to back I home. However, until now we still avoid discussing this issue, watching the new year is near, I am simply playing dumb, then, if he is not back home with me, I do not bother to give him a face, go back home.

Xiao bian recommended here newly married young couple, in parallel with the consideration for each other, be sure to consider for each other, who don't go home this matter affects the relationship. Best able to unify a programme, such as 51, 11 holidays go back to their parents, or the Spring Festival next year back to their home.

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