Wedding venue three major regions

Wedding venue layout is primary content of wedding planning as a whole, at a wedding, what features do I need?

pre-function area

     consists of reception table, greeting and so on. Because of this region is the first impression of the guests to the wedding venue, so the arrangement in the region be sure to fit the wedding theme.


     for a wedding, this region is the most important, is the focus of all eyes. How to create a shock all the guests and creative staging, is the key test of a wedding company creative.

table flowers

     for wedding day's overall spend, spend even more guests are able to see at close range the table and impress media. Unique and elegant table flowers for wedding color, and also reflects the owner's taste and intentions.

the ritual area

     If the outdoor wedding ceremonies, this arrangement cannot neglect. Way, and the rituals and Virgin road was necessary arrangement of flowers.

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