Trick that the new marriage law marriage if you dare

New judicial interpretation of the marriage law, clearly defined party financed the purchase of property by the husband after marriage, registered in the party's name, as in this part of the property. This is considered community property with the past is completely different, "dealing with the new judicial interpretations, the girls and the girls ' mother, either way."

6 ways to cope with new judicial interpretation of marriage:


wedding wedding requires the man to put his mother to sell the House and buying another, wrote on the couple's name on the certificate, do not do not expect to marry.

Ace II:

two people together to buy a set, but her only bathroom area of money, if after divorce, woman's nail died and left the bathroom, if the man open, to go to the Court against him, he spent money to buy nor sell, he said.

trick three:

fee for children requires the husband's surname, children out from the woman's belly, why name your last name, do not give huge name, baby with the woman's last name.

trick four:

male room fucking room, interior decoration, the woman responsible for, get rid of hydropower, later divorced, removing all these things, all hydroelectric structures destroyed, it makes you guys feel better after.

trump-card five:

it's OK not to get married, living together. Don't want children not born, born one, after both parties do not like each other, if the woman wants a baby refused to give him, if a man wants to take House for.


anyway, there is one thing women are, well, the woman lived alone to destroy the House a year and was later divorced, your House is sold out, is trying to sell, women of the Internet posting, said the haunted house, there have been homicides. Method summary: don't forget, Chinese women now have more boys, not to please me, you don't want to get married, married, also known you born.

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