Smart woman to 6 tips specially crafted a financial life over the more moist

1. grasp the purse, do not limit the reasonable expenses of the husband

to take will be, clever wife wants to firmly grasp the purse in the home, must learn to delegate. Do not limit the reasonable expenses of the husband is a very smart move. When the husband after the discovery of hand over finances, there have been no changes in his life, he can still buy some of his favorite things was able to entertainment with friends, he would be happy to let you manage your home finances, he wouldn't want to pipe small daily expenses. Men need to be free.

2. to the husband enough entertainment expenses each month, but asked how he

men will inevitably have, and have no money can afford some entertainment costs, will make them lose face, also made fun of by his friends as a hen-pecked. This is the incentive for most of the men have a slush fund. If you are a smart wife, rather than let a man in hiding to save money, rather than foot he used for entertainment expenses each month. Also keep in mind, since it gave the money to the man, just don't ask him about was how to spend the money.

3. establish the correct view of financial management, reasonable investment and balance a little

good housewife knows positive financial Outlook in their daily lives, knows how to control of money, which can keep the quality of life, but also for a reasonable investment, and has a habit of time deposits. Proactive banking concept allows you to become a competent financial manager of the family. Also let her husband's management is assured to you.

4. daily expenses accounting

How to develop a sound financial Outlook, starting from the overhead accounts. Accounting allows you to clearly see the balance, according to the actual situation change financial policies in a timely manner. It is undeniable that women are not sensitive to digital. If you do not develop habits of book, is likely to spend a lot of money or are not aware of.

5. women also have their own accounts

wife and mother is worthy of respect, but now love ourselves, the better is the priority for women. Woman must know how to love yourself, don't be to family and husband, and they scrimp and save don't spend a penny. This kind of dedication it's too silly. Women must have their own accounts, which is one of the measures to protect themselves. No one can guarantee that marriage will last forever, and women want to have a sense of crisis.

6. in the case of large amount of expenditures, to communicate with husband

even if the husband let you respond to full management, you do not monopolise power. Couples live together in harmony is a prerequisite of communication, to respect each other's right to be informed. Design a relatively large amount of expenditures, clever wife will not make decision without authorization, and her husband will communicate in a timely manner.

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