The perfect triangular theory of love to create a happy life

Modern of marriage can't afford to test, from married to divorce, may only number a months of condition, that so what is what so factors makes pair men and women can along rest, in experience dozens of cold of 後, still can hand in hand, side-by-side of through each a morning? had has scholars proposed in love of relationship in the, has three species elements is not missing of, that is enthusiasm (Passion)  , communication (Communication) and the commitment (Commitment). These three elements form a triangle, are interrelated with each other, but independent, is also indispensable. In marriage, if we breed all three the same elements, I believe that every couple can have a good marriage, a cozy relationship.


communication is the basic elements of people, people knew the importance of communication, but have no time to practice, leading to marital fading. We don't have time to communicate feelings to high quality returns, we don't have time to know each other, cries for marriage, and this is how unrealistic idea. A happy marriage life is the need for investment, the first condition is an investment of time. Pressure of modern life, and takes up most of my time and energy, we are beyond our control. So has the quality of communication is very important. Communications not only to express themselves, communicate is more important to take the opportunity to understand how spouses get along with this in mind with your spouse. You will no longer be obsession who is right and who is wrong, who is going to give, who benefit from, because we know there will always be an open heart willing to unconditionally accept, no amount of dissatisfaction and misunderstandings can be solved.


believe many people will remember of the early courtship, that shock reaction, that one day, as apart of the feelings, kind of crazy and excited, I believe that every person who has ever been in love is not easy to forget. But with days of passes, dang both understand gradually deep, that copies surprise of love will began slowly disappeared, special in married of 後, to both of cumbersome thing more, both busy with for fuel Zhang Luo Zhiyu, and what to energy and time romantic, manufacturing romantic? in marriage relationship Shang, to long-term keep love of feel certainly difficult, but between in the manufacturing a copies love of feelings, a sweet of feel, actually is not imagine in the that so complex, that so unrealistic of. A kiss in the morning, in a note to the other, during a courtesy call or SMS conversation before going to bed-sharing, two events on Sunday ... ... Love feels unconsciously embedded in everyday life, keep the ordinary every day. Do not mean to love your spouse feel, the feeling is the lubricant, sources of power, or even the meaning of life.


commitment is a unique element in the relationship, we don't just promise with people for fear of not achieving, fear of taking on too much. Behind the commitments, a burdens of responsibility and pressure, which is the modern man does not, are unwilling to bear. So, why in a love relationship, there must be the existence of this element? a couple willing to promise each other, always considerate of each other in later life, sacrificing for each other's well-being, willing to take responsibility for each other's happiness, this is really a beautiful thing, and we are looking forward to. Real people who love each other, not so? ' but human nature is sometimes a sign of weakness in the face of world and temptations of the outside world it is sometimes difficult to resist, and their relationship would not always go smoothly. At this time, promise began to exert its influence, it is like the Monkey King's gold ring, tighten our wild hearts, our idea of checks and balances. A long and stable marriage relationship is that every couple wants to have, and we insist it is the quality, rather than hoping to get along, how to establish a good and long relationship, I hope the triangular theory of love can give you some ideas.

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