Seven types of smart women perfect managing marriage life

First, love others and self

married woman, wears many hats, shoulder the responsibility, but also to yourself. When married women in running the family, loving husband, loving family is a natural thing, nor has forgotten his own. Treasure yourself, are cherished family. Importance of women in a family, it's needless, if the person than does a woman at the helm, a little too much. Front man at the oars, rear steer people in the firm, to put this boat successfully to the destination.

Second, the events are not confused, little things do not care about

a home, there is always a stall. Big talk about principles, not confused, trivial things best not too offended, too picky. If often occurred between innocuous things couples quarrel over time feeling not only fail to heat up, can also lead to love lost, love cools. If nagging and complaining in the ears, and how to be happy.

third, remains confident charm

a confident woman is, in itself, a charm. If you can't recognize myself, how can others self-esteem not only in appearance, content, morals, character background. Elegant woman has more charm than beautiful women, soft-spoken woman than the pungent dry strong women are more acceptable. Upgrade your accomplishments, perhaps every married woman can't stop a lesson.

four, have their own interests and hobbies

women married to still keep to themselves, must not become the victim of family. If families, husbands, children, not their interests, hobbies, entertainment and so on, so a little minor disappointments from the family, it is very easy to become frustrated and depressed. Married women should keep their one or two hobbies, Garden of spare time to have an independent mind, in real life there is a friend of their own space.

five, economically independent

If you think married a husband just like walking on air when a housewife, lazy; or wrapped up as my husband free meal tickets for a long time, this kind of thinking is dangerous. Once the economy will depend entirely on the husband, the marriage is easier to taste. A woman can make money not much, but enough to stand on their own feet. Even to consider to be full-time mothers have to think twice, even though we know that full-time mothers pay a lot, but because there is no real economic income for credit look pale. Unless the husband's full support, or the family rich, or because of other reasons have no choice, do not easily quit my job. Full-time wife lived a long time, because they have no income, it is inevitable that some diffidence. When the husband not looked down upon, he occasionally uneasy followed.

Liu, Institute of family

to manage his own family, without certain housekeeping just to feel powerless. Women must learn how to be a proper "housekeeping". How benign the steady development of the family, women often play an important role. Couples double sword combination is a perfect combination, such a situation can only be attributed to the God of nature; but the couple complement each other, it seems much easier. Married women, not only in the Statesman's methods, learn something, make yourself happy, its capability to deal with all aspects of family things, avoid bruised and battered, exhausted.

seven, not being too picky

after marriage, the personalities of the two people live together, habits, temperament, interests vary. If being overly critical, have to conform to their standards change, is likely to produce dissatisfaction and disgust: I was like, to change, or my own events the same, small differences, it's wise.

Smart women have a happy marriage. Happiness is in your own hands, how to run a quality marriage depends on the mentality of how to treat you. This feature of the seven formal standards reflect healthy marriage life.

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