Fashion bride two "control" easy to win at marriage

First: learn to act silly with.

in marriage, smart women still occasionally to be installed to play the fool, too capable will definitely allow a husband to a woman is not comfortable, it's not, intelligent woman in your life to act silly with. As a competent King to drive, for example, tells her "stupid" trick. She said told her husband to go on an outing, usually reticent he saw streams of cars coming and going on the road, burst into humor: "you see a family go out, see who's driving, you know who is in charge!" Later, several couples have divorced by her side, her husband began to made a concluding speech: "you could not find this divorce, husband and wife drive it!" King heard, knew he was saying to her, so she said nothing, just part of the Act. That specific the how loaded does, she lift has a most common of example: "Dang we family out of when, despite open of is I of car, despite I of drive technology very good, even than husband OK, but I absolute not to Rob that steering wheel; in road, dang I husband fans has road, open with car like a headless fly like in streets mess jumped mess shot Shi, although I clearly know the to East go and not to West go, also to bite himself of tongue, pressure live himself of anger, also to put Windows shake down, exploration early to with he as looking-- In a Word, to learn to play the fool! "

you said this woman stupid? I said she wasn't stupid, she's smart, smart--you see people than Huang Rong Huang Rong when all day long in the presence of outsiders, said Guo Jing stupid! what is the fool? her ten year siege impenetrable, poison not invade!

Second, learn to show weakness.

in love, women couldn't resist attacking as much as men, men are most irresistible women's tears; love, good men should do Confucianism, and aggressive. Clever women must learn how to install the Taoist cultural policy. The more successful career woman, to know how to show weakness, less aggressive, less calculating, makes him easier and more pleasant. Zhang Ai-ling's long said, is good at head of a woman is a bad woman, woman more powerful, larger the power of weakness. In man's nature has a protective and sympathetic to the weak, and humour. "The bow is a gentle and shy like a water Lotus be cool. "Woman smiles, shy and tears and is definitely make the men pity to liver quiver of magic.

there is a story in the United Kingdom is also widely known: said Lady Thatcher's first day as the United Kingdom Prime Minister, after attending the inauguration of home, "Bang Bang Bang" knock on the door startled for his wife in the kitchen swing celebration of Margaret Thatcher. "Who?" Mr Thatcher just ask a question. "I am a United Kingdom Prime Minister!" Dabao, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for just answered triumphantly. The result, a long time in the room silent, no one came to the door ... ... Mrs Thatcher knew she clears her throat, and said again: "my dear, the door, I am your wife. "This time, the sound is not high, but very kind soon after the doors open, she won a husband a big hug ... ...

the "Iron Lady" in front of her husband stories seemed to be sending a message of weakness: women appropriate weakness is men with a sense of accomplishment, and consistently strong woman lets a man a sense of pressure. Woman's weakness, not weak, not you guys grovel, but give the man more to protect you and care for you, care for you, the opportunity to pamper you, is a woman's most powerful weapon to the weakness, have you noticed how many heroes among Wen Xiang jade eventually fell to the women.

brides have learned it? Marriage in the clever use of "dumb" and "weakness", perfect interpretation of the "Yu", I believe that ten years after your marriage must also be happy as ever.

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