Perfect wedding with wine Raiders Rookie of the Church cannot be a faux pas

"Wedding wine selection"

brand, price, packaging should be taken into consideration

menacingly, most people think that as long as the brand name lucky, package celebration, affordable, basic can be used for wedding receptions, but it isn't.

Choose wedding wines taking into account points: alcohol brands to consider friends and family habits, better product quality, to use the well-known brand to launch the celebration with wine, the wine quality assurance; the second is price low to moderate. At present 30-80, 100-180 is a mainstream price wedding wine; the third is festive wine itself. Now there are many red bottle, design fine wines to choose from, these professional wedding wines put on the wedding, one of the highlights will be. There are also wine, has some festive auspicious, or you can choose. Two bottles of wine per table is more appropriate, also with some red wine and drinks, to take care of women and children.

"wedding with wine"

flagship white wine and red wine and beer

white wine: traditional liquor-making in the current location of the wedding is still irreplaceable, fundamental in a main position.

alcohol content: 52-54.

each table numbers: a bottle of

beer: the most common, especially in summer, generally have a couple of beers on the wedding.

alcohol content: 8-12

table size: two bottles of

red wine: the fashion darling of healthy wine wedding wine. Due to its "booming, good luck" meaning fits the wedding theme, so red wine at the wedding feast of the rising status.

when choosing a wine, some new choices for taste was lost, in fact, this problem is easy to solve. Because of the wedding with wine to greet all guests, so avoid too personalized, the best choice for some tastes more affordable, easier entry of red wine. Such as a sweet, fruity taste of categories, the flavors are more fitting wedding sweet feeling.

alcohol content: 12-14

each table numbers: a bottle of

champagne, sparkling wine: wine glasses should be drinking champagne or sparkling wine, either champagne or sparkling wine is to use slim champagne glasses, it would lead to a better atmosphere of the wedding. Selection is relatively cheap.

alcohol content: 10.5-13.5

match number: a bottle of  

"wedding feast"

there are formulas to follow, don't waste

wedding wine budget, can be calculated from per seat price is obtained after a few, then the prices to find the right wine. Estimate is the most important wine consumption. Formula: table x1.5+ driver + other + spare, 5 = the actual amount.

example: 20 table 10 driver

20x1.5 (catering) +10 (driver) +5 (alternate) =45 bottle

"new toast"

after hsien Chu, order cannot be

toast is the wedding banquet of the plays, new and interactive guest link. When toasting, the couple should understand in advance guests background and pay attention to the order of the toast, first is the master table, first respect the woman's parents and the groom's parents, and respecting other elders, then a table. Not only respect to every table, and guests to toast out on the table, not rude. Usually toast time ate in the main table of cold cuts and after the first course, the couple began by toasting the table. Many brides put on a cheongsam or Chinese dress coat.

"the reminder"

unopened wine returnable

wedding wine and left back, this is the most wine merchants offer additional services. Therefore, the wedding must strictly control the liquor bottle, liquor bottle in consultation with staff in advance should be opened according to guest requirements. Because wine is more expensive, in the open often leads to unnecessary waste.

General wedding white wine red wine by the bottle refund (packaging damage), drink beer the whole box, back price and the sale price is the same. Of course there are some premium brand drinks is not returned, so should confirm the good wine before buying wine back.

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