Wedding Hotels Guide: budget high quality wedding

Plan ahead to save money first

for the couple, the longer the preparation for the wedding, more money in the province, it is because you have plenty of time to than to differences between various services of post and save, find a really cost-effective, rather than pressing, scrambling to choose a lot better. Like the wedding company, hotel where, scheduled at different times a year may have a corresponding discount and discounts, wait for the sale to us can save a lot.

the how let married not lost money, most important of is to ahead of square cost, will cost is divided into main and secondary, necessary cost is refers to married Qian must to prepared of project, for example Hi Banquet, and married ring, and wedding, and dress, and hand holding spent,; secondary cost is is refers to dispensable, or can, married Hou again prepared of things, for example honeymoon, and furniture, and wedding photography,. Prime costs can also be divided into must be purchased and leased, such as wedding and wedding rings is that you must buy, and wedding rentals. Such plans can give you an idea of what is the looming spending will be limited on the money spent.

in fact, generally speaking, as long as not too much to expect of the wedding, the couple finally most gift draw, or even a small profit. Purse-string tightening couple in their wedding, the best spirit of the basics principles, not extravagance, remember, the more simple wedding, spending less.

invited guest policy

If a young couple with limited funds, naturally can not catch the people all know, much less speak also consider gift income to maintain the balance of payments, so at this time, invited guests will apply the policy.

first of all more friends, less relative, usually the former than generous in gifts, and relatives may well sell well, for less money, so close friends as much as possible please, companion of distant relatives could not.

then there is the list of singles than there are homes have room to bargain, singletons will give public money more than the average number of married people may gift express family is more likely to be brought, caught you off guard.

who can still please please, one can take the opportunity to contact feelings, such guests usually gift will be relatively straightforward.  

estimating the number of tables

calculate the number of wedding banquet table was new and the troubling thing, order more waste, booking fewer guests had nowhere to sit, and very rude. In General, the couple can be calculated according to the released wedding invitation hit 80 percent-85 percent to, say, 300, in the presence of guests is approximately 240 to 255 people.

but if the couple's friends were on a group basis, for example at school used to be a community member, or church or something, because a group strength and love, guests higher attendance rates, a 90 percent discount calculation. And if the post is to primary school students, and former colleagues, or for a long time, liaison, will probably hit 70 percent.

If you want a more cautious, it is best to call one week before the feast to guests, invited and verify if it is alone or the whole family to visit, can determine not only master the number of guests, you can bond, it's two birds with one stone!

in the estimation of the wedding banquet table when can work together to calculate recoverable amount, a table for ten people, average about two to 3,000. For example, couple expected 30 tables, there are five and 60,000 of revenue, conservative approach is to hit 80 percent-50 percent, which accounted for four to 50,000 will, the couple can this amount as a benchmark, overhead projects.

wedding money saving tips

married overhead maximum of is Hi Banquet, so new best early began prepared, more meal open several hotel of price and dishes, except one early set seats will has compared big of bargaining space outside, also has more time using hotel of promotions programme, like some hotel, guest hosted a dinner in honor as reached must number, hotel will gift other married service, like day rooms free accommodation or married car free using like of offers, in set banquet Shi can more do compared. If new overall budget shortfalls, in fact, doesn't have to be dinner party at the Grand Hotel, nice restaurant a lot, and in recent years has been the couple's favor. Pomp than in the restaurant of hotel, but the same amount of food and materials, the price is cheaper than hotels, water beverages have much more room to negotiate prices, of similar dishes delicious, absolutely genuine and service fees may be less or no, many newcomers may wish to consider.

in particular, ways to save money on the wedding very much, as long as the couple carefully enough, it can make visitors satisfied, and wallet will not be too injured.

first of all, at the time of booking Banquet, attended by relatives and friends to ask in advance or not, and prepared for them into the seat, it will be easier to control the number of seats, arranged rather less not more when the number of seats, rather tight not loose to make guests, note also that the best carefully selected guests, relatives and close friends, lest people, and spending money.

Note When ordering, choose cheap and affordable dishes such as suckling pig not entire, platters, seafood, not grouper, red  , and taste, is to reduce the number of dishes, in fact, as long as the guests eat, guests don't mind how many dishes, or how flashy is the specialty.

in addition if you can discuss it with the hotel, buy their own drinks, corkage fees and to get free drinks, bring your own cigarettes, seed, early guests enjoyed the sweet, but also can save a lot of money.

does not pass any details to save money

payment way is new save money of a big tips, regardless of is Hi Banquet, and married cake or other overhead, can with credit card or check of, on absolute not pay cash, because HI banquet income to to married day only appeared, zhiqian of prepared work if not card, will have again prepared a pen working capital; if using check, best also and stores discuss, cash time can moved to wedding Hou.

not superstitious man, the best you can choose to get married in the off-season, not only don't hold other new Church, also could get more concessions.

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