How to choose wedding venues? Top 9 questions and answers at a glance

Q: wedding venue booking when you pay attention to what detail? wedding venue reservation of course you can make your own peace of mind, but previous work if done well, will affect the final result, what details are required special attention?

a: three factors carefully –

first, wedding venue suitability of the type of wedding you want to style, full of Western-style venue Chinese ceremonies, although there is nothing new, but you'll feel neither fish nor fowl;

Second, wedding venue and service quality, including dishes taste, price, wine supplies, staff quality, can understand during the investigation;

third, wedding venue contract regulation, more detailed contract can give you complete protection.

Q: will the wedding gift of the venue not   not need, give up and feel pity, what should you do?

a: flexible, ingeniously adjustments-

many couples will encounter this situation: the gift of the wedding venue projects and their ideas and wedding services is fraught with conflict, and courtesy of the wedding venue consultation: divide the cake into wine, wedding room cancelled due a discount, cancelled some services to increase parking spaces, and so on, but these have to be formally finalized before signing the contract, avoid passing situations.

Q: what about changes in the wedding banquet?

a: communication is important – before marriage

when the scheduled wedding, you generally need to book a lot of 1~2 around the table for maneuvering. A week before the wedding, and wedding venue for a final confirmation. This will avoid unnecessary waste.

Q: do enough parking spaces?

a: look for parking spaces nearby –

adequate parking especially restaurant venue may not be protected, the only troubles the couple themselves searching around there is no suitable car park, indicate on the invitations, for guest convenience.  

q: must try dishes?

a: due diligence – to the guests

observant newcomers must try dishes in advance, many hotels will hold a wedding exhibition, one of the key elements is to try dishes, and some will provide free food, if not free, the couple can only pay for tasting one or two.

Q: room for menus to adjust what?

a: the basic principle: the same price for dish-

wedding in Shanghai cuisine is divided into local and Cantonese, two major classes, in order to enrich the dishes, hotel for couples in different packages for a certain amount of adjustment in the menu, if pricey dishes or add dishes-for-cheap food, you have to make up the difference. In most societies restaurant menu negotiation of this principle, but Hotel menus can be customized in the society more important characteristic.

Q: fully booked after the specified number of table can fight for which preferential treatment?

a: actively pursue –

for hotels or restaurants, the Ballroom can be placed over 30 tables if only awarded 10 table wedding no doubt unit profits fell, new wedding packages are difficult to upgrade offer, the ten principles set out in the table also comes from this. If the couple's invitation to more than 200 the number of people, you must remember to fight for more benefits for themselves, such as wedding room from the ordinary room upgrades, could increase the number of parking spaces, drink beverage alcohol brands can be resized, and so on.

Q: drink what are the conditions?

a: to determine whether a restriction-

booked more than 10 tables, soft drinks and specify the brand of beer you can drink, table number is set by each hotels according to their own circumstances, different pricing packages and sometimes there will be some differences. However, most hotels will restrict drink time like two hours, three hours, how to get the most favorable need with your tongue and mind, hotels usually do not have such restrictions.

Q: in case of ballrooms being used, or not available in a timely manner to do?

a: generally occurs in a State Guest House, separately, the hotel arrangements-

this problem occurs mainly in here, is also preparing new scheduled here must be prepared in advance of a problem. Conventional solution is hotel will be arranged in the Hotel Ballroom in the same group as far as possible ensure that the couple's marriage ceremony took place as scheduled, which appears at the wedding banquet in the contract of sale, the couple signed before you and Hotel details and make up the details as much as possible.

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