Wedding Hotel rules guide guests seating arrangements

Since ancient times, wedding seat arrangements associated with guest status. In General, mainly in the following principles:

1.  party, and his party's position as the center of the front door location;

2.  the owner, seating distance represents the closer guests more connected with their owners;

3.  wedding, new parents have separate seats, right near a breakdown on both sides of the red carpet;

4.  new parents sit on a nonadjacent, guests at the seat on the right hand side followed by both parents in the old order;

5.  on the seating arrangement can be elders, brothers and sisters at the same table or adjacent areas;

6.  's guest host should be inserted between the guests as much as possible, to talk to the guests;

in accordance with basic principles of the premise, when it comes to new thinking. In order to make the wedding guests have different experiences, what are some of the ways you can learn from a seat?

method one: the required legal

If you have had this experience: go to parties with my parents, and all over the tables elders, delicacies in front of becomes boring. Not only that, but also timid chopsticks are, in case anything went wrong, lost face don't say, happy party busy all day. Now that we have this kind of experience, why not in your own wedding from every Member of the family and friends of this embarrassment?

guest list by new parties and age classification, will be the guests at the same age, young from long to arrange tables, respect for elders, and liberated the lively junior. In this way, for the elders, we come from various regions, but the same backgrounds and experiences associated with them, whether it is remembrance of things past or talk through, can laugh exchanges for juniors, young people, children and peers gathered together at a table, completely solve the generation gap is a problem to eat and talk.

method two: dot law

wedding in the most common phenomenon is the more difficult the closer to the rear of the guests into the atmosphere of the wedding, wedding seem to harvest only full of delicacies. Cause of this phenomenon is often the result of when new seating arrangements, in accordance with the level of acquaintance, how important they are to arrange, distant relatives and old friends of nature only to food and wine and music.

to solution this problem, let all of people are was groom bride warmly of hospitality, why in each Taiwan are arrangements one can mobilization atmosphere of representative? familiar groom bride of representative can in Banquet during, instead of new hospitality table of guest, for each a bit guest told told two people fell in love, and love of story, even also can help table of friends each other awareness, encourages they participation wedding of all link, let married banquet no longer is one banquet just.

method three: men and women to mix

the birth of a new couple, love element is essential in the wedding. Guest here, and there are still isolated in their bath sweet hour, seeing friends and family situation, how can the bride and groom stand by them? why not use the great opportunity for the wedding, a men and women to mix, in which couples may be under.

at the time of seat, single breakdown of men and women out of the list. Table arrangements for the couple's friends and lovers are responsible for mobilizing the atmosphere, remaining seats crossing arrangements for men and women in MC, with the mobilization of, and may cause some interactive programs, encourage table of both women and men to participate in, a better understanding. Believes such arrangements early for a lot of ladies and men's heart, far more happiness than catch the bridal bouquet of the moment.

there are many ways to arrange seats, believe that the new arrangement, you will feel every guest of best wishes.


1.  new party personnel table bitmap, convenient guest sign in is seeking its own seat;

2.  printed with seating arrangements can be placed on each seat instructions and rookie cards of thanks, upgrade table/guest;3.  dish arrangement should take into account the guests an atmosphere of religious beliefs, health and dietary habits.

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