Western wedding banquet preparations for well-built luxury champagne Tower

     1. placing champagne Tower plane base is very important

champagne on the table, table stability is the most important issue.

2. Champagne flutes also have certain requirements (for red wine no)

champagne glass size, height is very important. High expectations for the champagne glasses, a difference of one mm is OK. Placing glass the most basic requirement is to require all glass must be close together, couldn't find any of the glass in the middle.

3. put champagne Tower location was also important

champagne Tower must be placed in people does not walk often on one side of the stage.

4. If the stage is large enough, it is best to put the champagne on one side of the stage, thus reducing the danger of collisions.

5. Champagne Tower display not too high, should be based on the new height for the standard.

6. your wedding hosts in advance when planning the wedding with you, he'll tell you in detail to consider champagne, try to avoid accidents.

7. your wedding hosts 1 hour before the ceremony began, you should carefully check the sound of champagne. Communicate the problem concerned, seek to redress.

8. If your wedding guests with kids a lot better with their parents well in advance greet, manage their children, don't knock champagne Tower.

9. at the wedding ceremony, if the link that's not pouring champagne champagne surprises don't render the champagne towers, you can let the hotel staff had quietly reset can be.

10. after the champagne poured out, the wedding ceremony, it is best to stop champagne, the wine after the wedding ceremony, by the hotel staff to guests, mainly because of unexpected at the wedding ceremony.

If you choose champagne on the wedding, you must pay attention to these small details. Avoid unnecessary situation.

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